CBNCloud STACK, the First Iconic Open-Source Cloud Computing Solution for Indonesia Market

Collaborating with EasyStack, world leading open-source cloud computing service provider to implement new features: EKS (EasyStack Kubernetes Service), application marketplace for users to BYO applications/licenses, metering/billing, and disaster recovery (DR)
2020-01-14 20:01 653

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CBNCloud, a market leader in cloud service provider in Indonesia, proudly  announces the launch of a new public cloud service, CBNCloud STACK. CBNCloud STACK is the first and updated open-source cloud platform collaborating with EasyStack, Chinese open-source cloud computing service provider and Aplika Karya Solusi Bisnis, EasyStack local technical support and implementer in Indonesia.

As the next generation cloud platform, CBNCloud STACK has been designed to target Indonesia companies with many key advantages, namely:

  1. In Country Hosting - Compute and Data are all in Indonesia and not overseas
  2. Secure Platform - Access Backend Host System 2FA Protected, Physical/Logical Network Separation
  3. Open Standards Based - OpenStack (open source) based, Easily Integrate with Third Party Application/Scripts
  4. IT Policy Compliance - Audit User and System Activity, Log Collection/Analysis 
  5. No Impact to Business during Services Upgrade
  6. Local Support in Bahasa Indonesia

Tony Hariman, President Director of CBNCloud said, "The cloud computing market in Indonesia is on steady growth momentum. Based on previously collected data on Springboard Research statistics, the market is growing at a CAGR of 48% over the past five years, much higher than the annual growth rate for cloud computing across the globe. As the pioneer of OpenStack service in Indonesia, CBNCloud offers distinctive open technologies with potential solutions that is able to address ongoing complex IT deployments and maintenance, as well as future proofing cloud platform built and upgrading cycles."

CBNCloud collaboration with EasyStack has gone through research and consideration of upcoming challenges in Indonesia's market. "With the experience and product/services features that EasyStack is providing, we decided to collaborate in providing CBNCloud Stack, the latest technology for cloud computing with a secure, scalable, open-source enterprise cloud platform that can deliver enhanced reliability and efficiency, and is compatible with many existing vendor solutions," Tony Hariman added.

More importantly, CBNCloud Stack is the industry's first enterprise OpenStack cloud computing product that is able to evolve its architecture through continuous and smooth upgrade capability, thereby ensuring users do not have to go through onerous upgrading process. Its integrated systems operations and maintenance feature allows enterprise cloud computing products to offer the similar level of user experience in consumer based software products. In this newly launched service, CBNCloud has implemented several new features from EasyStack: EKS (EasyStack Kubernetes Service), application marketplace for users to BYO applications/licenses, metering/billing, and disaster recovery (DR).

Adrian Koh, Director Global Business Development of EasyStack reiterated,"Easystack collaboration with CBNCloud is opening up a new chapter in the launch of our product in Indonesia's market. With the goal of providing improved enterprise customers' user experience, CBNCloud and EasyStack agreed to embark on a multi-year partnership to provide the best of breed cloud computing products and services for enterprise customers in the Indonesian market. Companies in Indonesia can take advantage of next generation cloud technology which help companies to transition from physical to virtual server, storage and networking which leads to better flexibility. Management in the Indonesian companies can benefit from cost savings from better resource utilization and a more accurate IT investment forecast."

Meanwhile, David Bumi, Director of Aplika Karya Solusi Bisnis added, "along with EasyStack, Aplika Karya Solusi Bisnis is committed to serve Indonesian market with a good local technical support team including in the OpenStack solutions."

With the collaboration from these three companies, the new CBNCloud Stack is a reliable and flexible solution for Indonesian market, and is suitable for any size of business, small, medium and large enterprises based in cities throughout Indonesia.