Celebrating National SMEs Day & Independence Day, Let's Support Indonesian SMEs to Go Digital Through Content Marketing Education

Nowadays, in digital marketing era, content marketing methods and approaches are very effective for SMEs's success in digital era.
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Advances in digital technology has opened many opportunities and conveniences for businessmen who want to develop their businesses, one of them is the business owner in Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) sector. SMEs affect the national economy because this sector has high resilience, not only that, SMEs also contribute Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and able to create significant employment. However, in 4.0 Industrial era, there still SMEs that not digital literacy. Katarsa held an interactive event, Bincang Santai UKM to share inspiration and education about why SMEs should go digital.

All respected speakers from content & digital marketing experts
All respected speakers from content & digital marketing experts

Based on data from Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of The Republic of Indonesia, until 2018, Indonesia has around 64 million SMEs. Of that amount, around 20% (12 million) are digital literacy. It means that there are still 52 million SMEs that have not digital literacy.

The government is targeting, at least 50% SMEs in Indonesia should have already digitized in 2024 because Indonesia has potential as a digital economy country in Asia. That's why, the development of SMEs in Indonesia needs to be balanced with training and assistance in digital sector.

This is a very necessary step so that SMEs in Indonesia can have competitiveness and be more innovative in order to have their business competed in higher lever. On National SMEs Day, 12 August 2019 and Indonesia Independence Day, 17 August 2019, Katarsa as a content marketing and digital strategy services in collaboration with PR Newswire Indonesia, held an interactive event, Bincang Santai UKM to share inspiration and education about why SMEs should go digital. This forum was held on Friday (16/08/2019) in Jakarta Creative Hub.

"Strategi Content Marketing Optimal Untuk Menangkan Era Digital" ("Content Marketing Optimisation Strategy to Win the Digital Era") was used as a theme. In this event, participated by the SMEs, Katarsa presented five speakers that are professionals and experts in content and digital from various industries. They are Ulung Putra Windi (Content Marketing Supervisor mobil88 Astra), Marissa Anugrah (Content Strategist PR Newswire Indonesia), Lika Aprilia (Content & SEO Specialist, Ex Editor in Chief, Dimas Anugrah (Content & Campaign Manager Zilingo), and Astri Soeparyono (Managing Editor Gojek Indonesia).

Digital literacy, which has not been optimized in the SMEs industry, urged Katarsa to hold such event, Bincang Santai UKM, to discuss more about what kind of things that could become trend in marketing field, especially those related to content marketing and digital strategy optimisation. This event was also held to inspire SMEs improving their business.

In this sharing sessions, five speakers were discussing about the importance of content marketing as one of the most effective marketing strategies, in order to increase their sales as well as boosting up more Indonesia's SMEs going digital.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy which focuses on making, publishing, and distributing content for online audiences which is used by businesses to attract more customers. Content marketing such as blog article, video, e-book, podcast, social media and webinar are not new things in this era.

Different from traditional marketing methods, content marketing strategy has an effective cost with optimal result. Content marketing strategy is centered on content that is useful to the audiences.

Five speakers in Bincang Santai UKM event agreed that to develop a business, SMEs are able to use content marketing strategy. Start from building the brand, determining target audience, keep experimenting and analyzing successful content. These strategies effectively can produce awareness, traffic, leads, and even trust from customer as well as increase the sales number.

"Through Bincang Santai UKM, Katarsa provides a platform that brings SMEs together with experts, and facilitates SMEs to explore their business knowledge, especially related to digital. This event aims to contribute and encourage SMEs so they can increase their business in terms of sales numbers and quality. In the end, we are all hoping that Indonesia's SMEs will be able to compete and innovate by utilizing digital technology," said Dewi Irma, Co-Founder & Managing Partner Katarsa.  

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