CFLD Calls for Comprehensive Partnerships in Building New Industry Cities

China Fortune Land Development
2018-01-31 19:52 651

BEIJING, Jan. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China Fortune Land Development (CFLD) proposed the initiative of promoting comprehensive cooperation in a more transparent and open business environment at the First CFLD New Industry City Partners Conference in Beijing today.

Under the theme of "cooperation", the conference attracted more than 160 guests from governments, industrial organizations, and academic and research institutes from over 10 countries and regions.

In contrast to large- and medium-sized cities, county-level areas in China are faced with an imbalance in economic development due to shortages in capital, technology and skills, which unfortunately renders them less attractive in terms of resources and talent for innovation. New Industry Cities, however, integrate industry and city, and they are expected to make up for such shortages by fully engaging social capital and applying it to comprehensive urban development, and consequently create new forces to drive economic development in counties.

Building on this issue, CFLD announced at the conference that it will build its New Industry Cities into platforms for the shared development of all partners, and will seek across-the-board cooperation with partners in areas ranging from investment and financing, New Industry City, real estate, urban support facilities, industrial development, public services to urban planning and consulting. CFLD aims to work with its partners to create a business environment for cooperation that is based on the principle of "transparency, openness, and mutual trust and benefits".

"Industries are the foundations of cities, and cities are the carriers of industries," said Mr. Meng Jing, president of CFLD. "CFLD develops and operates New Industry Cities in counties at the periphery of metropolitan areas. By balancing local conditions with scientific planning, CFLD provides partners with a comprehensive set of integrated solutions, with integration between industry and city, and industrial development at its core."

According to Mr. Liu Shijin, Vice Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation, with metropolitan areas growing rapidly, the process of urbanization in China has been through major structural adjustments in the past few years. He believes that several metropolitan areas will emerge in China in the next decade, each with populations of 30 to 50 million people, or even more.

Gu'an County in Hebei Province is an excellent example of a New Industry City. Through its partnership with CFLD, it utilized the PPP model (Public-Private-Partnership) to launch the Gu'an New Industry City in 2002. After 16 years of concerted effort and implementation, Gu'an has been transformed from a traditional agricultural county into a modern industrial city. The New Industry City alone has contributed 68% of the local fiscal revenue and has attracted 150 billion yuan in investments. The new display, aerospace and biomedical industries of Gu'an have formed into industrial clusters, each with production capacities worth more than 100 billion yuan, which in turn have fostered economic growth thanks to industry and city integration.

Today, the Gu'an model has been widely replicated. New Industry Cities built by CFLD have been established in 42 prefecture-level cities across 12 provinces in China and extended to six other countries.

Source: China Fortune Land Development