Chacha Transparency Factory Global Live Webcast campaign kicks off, debuting their fully automated intelligent production lines

More than 100,000 views garnered within the first five minutes

HEFEI, China, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chacha Transparency Factory Global Live Webcast campaign kicked off on September 4. Within the first five minutes, the webcast was viewed more than 100,000 times. The tens of thousands of comments from viewers during the live webcast expressing their support for Chacha and for products "Made in China" demonstrated the degree to which this event served to break down the information barrier between consumers and producers. The Live Webcast was viewed more than one million times by the end of the same day.

Chacha Transparency Factory Global Live Webcast campaign kicks off, debuting their fully automated intelligent production lines
Chacha Transparency Factory Global Live Webcast campaign kicks off, debuting their fully automated intelligent production lines

Consumers worldwide are invited to watch the Chacha Transparency Factory at work

In order to maximize the number of viewers worldwide who could witness the live webcast of the transparent factory, Chacha issued the invite through multiple channels, attracting wide attention both within China and abroad. In addition to an early rollout on Facebook and ins, the company also ran the webcast live on the NASDAQ screen overlooking New York's Times Square, achieving simultaneous, planet-wide distribution. By scanning QR codes on their mobile phones, people around the globe could watch the launch of production at Chacha's advanced modern smart factories along with Chinese viewers in real time.

Chacha debuts transparency factory with smart production equipment

Quality products come from strict process control. Chacha showcased the sourcing area, production, packaging, sorting and other scenarios around the factory, delivering close-ups of the raw material producing area within the sunflower garden, the nut production line and, most notably, the three-dimensional warehousing center for their global e-commerce business, covering nearly every step of the entire production process. The core production area was open to global audiences for the first time, enabling viewers around the world to witness the production of every pack of nuts and melon seeds.

At the same time, Chacha's nut production line was also available for viewing. The professional three-dimensional baking equipment jointly developed by Chacha and Switzerland-based Buhler comes with four-stage temperature control and a low temperature baking feature to stimulate the crispy taste of nuts, enhancing the fresh and natural quality of Chacha's Small Yellow Bag Daily Nuts.

Chacha's R&D department has been working on the tech side of the process to maximize the freshness of the product at every stage of production. With nine top-of-the-line manufacturing plants, certified by the FDA in the United States and BRC A in the EU, its "key techniques for storage and processing and quality preservation of dried nuts" has been awarded the Second Prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress by the State Council of China. The production plants have been named as one of the Pilot Demonstration Projects for Intelligent Manufacturing of Nuts by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and a Professional National Nut Processing Technology Research and Development Center by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China.

With the launch of the Chacha Transparency Factory Global Live Webcast campaign, Chacha proves its own prowess when it come to performance and broke through the information barrier between shoppers and producers with a true and open attitude, giving consumers an opportunity to see the real Chacha up close with full transparency. One of the proudest accomplishments of the endeavor is Chacha's role in demonstrating what Chinese manufacturers can deliver to consumers around the world.

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