Chubb Vietnam Declared 2021 Asia Super Team Champion

Post-Pandemic Incentive Travel Survey reveals 60% of respondents choose Taiwan as their top post-pandemic travel destination
2021-11-26 16:29 1698

TAIPEI, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Asia Super Team (AST) international competition, organized by Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, has entered its eighth year. The competition introduces a new theme and unique competitive content each year to create buzz for and present the diverse facets of incentive travel in Taiwan. Chubb Vietnam was crowned the competition's champion. Chubb Vietnam received the grand incentive travel prize worth USD50,000.

60% of respondents choose Taiwan as their top post-pandemic travel destination
60% of respondents choose Taiwan as their top post-pandemic travel destination

Post-pandemic Incentive Travel Survey: Taiwan voted as top post-pandemic travel destination

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of companies around the world were forced to cancel or delay their incentive travel plans in 2021. This year, MEET TAIWAN specifically surveyed business travelers from eight countries in Asia, Europe and the United States regarding their intentions for incentive travel. The results showed that destination safety and epidemic prevention policies were their top considerations when selecting an incentive travel destination. Among the surveyed persons, over 60% ranked Taiwan as their top choice for an incentive travel destination in Asia. This clearly represents the international recognition of Taiwan's epidemic prevention performance, indicating greater potential for attracting overseas incentive travel groups to visit Taiwan after the pandemic.

Nine Asian countries competed in a virtual arena—the first ever Cloud Travel Interactive Platform

Asia Super Team's online competition model was significantly upgraded for 2021. Utilizing the first ever Cloud Travel Interactive Platform, AST's Future Land-themed virtual arena was created. Representatives of companies from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam were invited to compete. For the first time, this year Taiwanese companies were also invited to try out for a local team, adding more intensity to the online competition. The competition also incorporated podcasts, blog posts, treasure hunts, virtual painting and other exclusive, innovative challenges for the first time. The aim of these challenges was to build excitement and imagination for Taiwan incentive travel in the minds of business travelers. A virtual system was added, enabling teams from each country to exchange their virtual assets for Taiwan Excellence specialty gifts shown in the platform's gift section—perfect souvenirs to remember their virtual journey through Taiwan.

The finalist competitions were held online, and results were decided by online voting and a professional judging team. Chubb Vietnam, a major travel insurance provider, received the highest overall score and was named the 2021 champion, winning a Taiwan incentive travel package worth USD50,000, which the company will get to enjoy once the pandemic subsides.

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