CMEC Holds Its Business Promotion Conference at China Commodity and Service (Belarus) Exhibition

Embody the Creativity, Embrace the World
2019-07-01 19:45 1163

MINSK, Belarus, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On the afternoon of June 30 (local time), as an important event of China Commodity and Service (Belarus) Exhibition, "Embody the Creativity, Embrace the World" CMEC Business Promotion Conference is held in the Exhibition and Trading Center of Sino-Belarus Industrial Park in Belarus. Zhang Chun, Chairman of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) attends the event and delivers a keynote speech with the title of Deepening Pragmatic Cooperation in Multiple Fields, Embracing Brighter Future of Mutual Benefits.

Yang Xiumin, Counselor from Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, Han Shengjian, Deputy Director of Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Zaklevski Vajim Alexanderovich, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Energy, Bogdanov Aleksey Igorjevic, deputy director of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus, Baruchin Yuri Alkatyevich, Director of the Metallurgical and Machine Tool Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry of Belarus, Chief Engineer of the First Deputy Manager of the Belarusian Energy Company, Baprov Ulajimir Ulajimirovich, Fang Yanshui, Deputy Chairman of CMEC, delivers a keynote speech in terms of business. The Promotion Conference was hosted by Cao Qing, President of CMEC Belarus Branch Company. Over 100 honorable guests at home and abroad attend the event.

In his keynote speech, Chairman Zhang Wei points out that, in recent years, China and Belarus have joined hands in the B&R construction and achieved fruitful results. The Sino-Belarus Industrial Park has become one of the model projects under the B&R Initiative. Both countries trust each other for mutual benefits and have brought the pragmatic cooperation to a new height. And China and Belarus have become bosom friends. CMEC has actively participated in the economic construction of Belarus, built a bridge of friendship between China and Belarus, and made its own unique contribution to improving the quality of life of the Belarusian people.

CMEC is one of the earliest state-owned enterprises going abroad in China. It has been deeply involved in the Belarusian engineering contracting market since 2010 and has successively contracted the projects such as Berezov 427 MW combined cycle power station project, Lukoml 427 MW combined cycle power station project, Gomel. No. 1 thermal power station reconstruction project, Grodno waste sorting construction project, Sino-Belarus Industrial Park power transmission and transformation project, Vitebsk 4*10 MW hydropower station project. The smooth implementation and delivery of such projects has boosted the economic development and industrial transformation of Belarus. In recent years, CMEC has also successfully implemented several projects in the CIS countries, including the Karaganda Thermal Power Station project in Kazakhstan, the 246 MW PV power plant project in Nikopol, Ukraine, the Alat pump station project in Uzbekistan, the iron mineral processing project in Russia, the 7*300 MW power station renovation and hydropower project in Azerbaijan.

As the pioneer of the B&R Initiative, in the future, CMEC will further cooperate with Belarus in multiple forms to promote the industrialization and modernization and realize the upgrading and transformation of industrial structure of Belarus. And efforts will also be made to promote commodity products, such as multi-dairy products and meat products, with Belarusian superiorities, characteristics and competitive edges through its own cross-border e-commerce platform to China and the global market, enrich the overseas market of Belarusian products, and promote the completion of a reasonable adjustment plan for export supply structure of Belarus. CMEC will also utilize its own experience and cost benefits in municipal areas such as biogas power generation and waste-to-energy generation in the development of municipal environmental protection projects, and continue to expand the scales and areas of cooperation between China and Belarus in the economic and trade fields.

The China Commodity and Service (Belarus) Exhibition is one of a series of activities under the B&R Regional Cooperation Forum. The Forum, with the theme of "Open Park, Global Chance", has invited about 1,000 attendants representing the government departments, local and business societies and associations, financial institutions and enterprises of China, Belarus and surrounding countries in Europe and Asia. It aims to gather and integrate the production elements of all interested parties along the B&R and promote the coordinative and linked development of related industries within the area.

The China Commodity and Service (Belarus) Exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, organized by the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China and co-organized by CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. of China Machinery International Engineering under China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). It aims to produce a new exhibition and exchanging forum for enterprises of various countries. SINOMACH, as the main investor of the Sino-Belarus Industrial Park which is the most symbolic and representative project between China and Belarus as well as a model project under the B&R Initiative, has a total amount of USD 4 billion for its completed and contracted projects in Belarus. And it has been contributing its own strengths, wisdoms and solutions for the continuous deepening and development of the overall Sino-Belarus strategic partnership featuring mutual trusts and benefits with its specialties. In the Exhibition, the headquarters of SINOMACH and 9 of its subsidiaries including CMEC covers a total exhibition stand area over 600 m2. It is the exhibitor with largest exhibition scale in the Exhibition.

The holding of the B&R Regional Cooperation Forum and China Commodity and Service (Belarus) Exhibition will undoubtedly further deepen the communication and exchanging of SINOMACH and its subsidiaries with enterprises in Belarus and other countries in the world. In the future, SINOMACH will implement the B&R Initiative with even greater determination, accelerate the process of interactions and interconnections of the facilities, trades and common aspirations along the B&R, expand the cooperation, achieve mutual benefits, and join hands for a brighter future with the B&R construction.