Culture week brings Guangdong closer with Asian countries

Nanfang Media Group
2019-06-17 11:10 1235

GUANGZHOU, China, June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- How Singaporeans are connected with Guangdong and Lingnan culture (Cantonese culture)? From June 6th to 15th, Nanfang Media Group brought the China (Guangdong)-Singapore Media and Culture Exchange Week to Singapore with the aim to illustrate this tie and gave local audiences authentic experience of Lingnan culture and art.

Featuring on and offline activities, the exchange week was held by Nanfang Media Group, one of the biggest media groups based in Guangdong, and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Chinese Media Group, the biggest Chinese media group in Singapore.


"Singaporeans and Guangdong people have many common topics when it comes to food," said Joyce Lee who has been living in Guangdong for 19 years, "my taste for food has become more like the Cantonese locals'. I enjoy the freshness and mild taste of Cantonese cuisine and love shopping in the wet market, looking for the freshest seafood and free-range chicken."

Lee told about her work and life in Guangdong in the "A Singaporean take on Guangdong" special report which is jointly presented by of Nanfang Media Group and of SPH Chinese Media Group. The report invites Singaporeans to share their stories in Guangdong, considering the work environment, food and traditional culture.

The two websites also invited audiences to share their experiences and impressions of Guangdong, and sent out gifts that represent the culture of the two regions.

At the opening ceremony of the exchange week, Nanfang Media Group and SPH Chinese Media Group signed an MoU to build the first Singapore-Guangdong media cooperative system under the witness of Fu Hua, Head of Guangdong Publicity Department, and Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary of Singapore. In the future, the two media groups will jointly bring more news stories and exchange events to their audiences.

The exchange week is an important component of the "Charming China · 2019 Guangdong Culture Week" which toured Singapore, Korea and Japan from June 6th to 15th with a series of exhibitions, music concerts and exchange activities. It was co-organized by the Information Office of Guangdong Provincial Government and Guangdong Culture and Tourism Department.

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