DB HiTek Advances Global Shutter and SPAD

2024-06-03 08:00 1457
  • Expanding specialized image sensor business applied to machine vision, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and medical devices
  • Collaborating on product development with leading companies in the US, Japan, and China by providing global leading-edge processes

SEOUL, South Korea, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DB HiTek, a leading foundry specialist in South Korea, is enhancing its global shutter and single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) process technologies, which are highly utilized in the automotive, industrial, robotics, and medical fields, to expand its specialized image sensor business.

The global shutter is a sensor that captures images of fast-moving objects without distortion. The demand for global shutters is rapidly increasing in various fields, including machine vision, automotive, drones, robotics, and medical devices, with an expected annual average market growth rate of 16% from 2022 to 2029.

DB HiTek's 7 Tr charge domain global shutter achieves PLS≥35,000 at 5.6 um pixels using light shield and light guide technologies and supports various sizes down to a minimum of 2.8 um pixels (PLS≥10,000).

Parasitic light sensitivity (PLS) is a concept indicating sensitivity to light, and a PLS of 10,000 or higher demonstrates a shutter efficiency level significantly high enough to achieve a light detection rate of 99.99% (with a noise occurrence rate of less than one in 10,000).

DB HiTek's 6 Tr charge domain global shutter has secured PLS ≥10,000 and a memory dark current ≤20e/s at 60C in the 2.8 μm pixel. This process is expected to be completed and provided to customers by the end of this year.

SPAD is an ultra-high-sensitivity 3D image sensor that detects weak light signals at the particle level. It has high precision and allows for long-distance measurement, making it a key component in implementing future advanced technologies such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR devices, robotics, and smartphones.

DB HiTek's second-generation SPAD process, utilizing a backside scattering technology (BST) and backside deep trench isolation (BDTI) in a BSI structure, achieves an advanced technological level with a photon detection probability of 15.8% at a wavelength of 940 nm. In addition, it ensures improved quality by securing a dark current rate (DCR) performance equivalent to 0.69 cps/um2, corresponding to the dark current of a typical CIS.

Building on the upgraded global shutter and second-generation SPAD process, DB HiTek plans to actively support fabless customers in expanding their specialized image sensor business.

A DB HiTek official said, "Currently, our company is collaborating with leading global companies in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and other regions to develop products," adding, "We plan to enhance customer support by providing services such as customized processes, TDK for pixel development simulations, as well as multi-layer mask (MLM)."

Meanwhile, DB HiTek has recently expanded its X-ray CIS business by successfully developing products in collaboration with a leading medical sensor specialist in Europe. It is reported that the advanced quality and yield characteristics lead positive response from the customer, and the company will expand its business into the manufacturing sector following the medical field.

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