Dreame Technology has achieved gratifying multiple growths in oversea markets

2023-05-26 15:21 2774

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dreame Technology ( also known as "Dreametech"), a fast-growing company leading in smart home cleaning appliances, announced its achievements in overseas markets in 2022. The overall e-commerce revenue has increased by more than 200%.

In 2022, Dreame Technology mainly developed vigorously in Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia, meanwhile achieving gratifying growth. Among the areas mentioned above,the Nordic region increased by more than 700% compared with 2021, while the Western European region increased by more than 150%. Due to Dreame Technology achieving a significant breakthrough in the European region, the flagship robot vacuum DreameBot L10s Ultra, which represented the highest technological strength of Dreame Technology at that time, ranked 1st in the category of robot vacuums on Amazon and Mediamarkt in Germany, 2nd in the vacuum category, and 4th in the entire home cleaner category during 2022 Black Friday.

As a technology company focusing on smart home appliances with the world's NO.1 motor technology, that offers the highest RPM, Dreame Technology has reached a high-speed digital motor technology of 160,000 RPM revolutions, 180,000 RPM revolutions, and reserves of 200,000 RPM revolutions. Dreame Technology has also launched four categories of cordless stick vacuums, robot vacuums and mops, wet and dry vacuums, and high-speed hair dryers, making them comprehensive options for the household.

In 2022, Dreame Technology achieved rapid growth in many overseas regions. The company's overseas revenue growth exceeded 60%, of which the Russian region increased by more than 350%, Southeast Asia increased by more than 450%, Northern Europe by more than 700%, and Western Europe by more than 150%.

  • Germany Top Sellings: during the 2022 Black Friday event, Dreame L10s Ultra ranked 1st in the category of vacuums on Amazon and Mediamarkt in Germany, 2nd in the vacuum cleaner category, and 4th in the entire vacuum category;
  • France, Italy and Spain Top Sellings: Dreame In 2022, T30 cordless vacuum cleaner occupies France's Amazon EUR400 range as top-selling for two consecutive months; Dreame D9 vacuum cleaner became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the EUR 200-300 range in France, Italy and Spain;
  • Russia Top Sellings: The total sales of Russian market in AliExpress with a growth by 400% year-on-year.

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