Dreame Technology to Launch the Intelligent Robot Vacuum that Transforms Home Cleaning

2021-08-02 21:00 1126

BEIJING, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dreame Technology, a global leading company in smart home cleaning appliances, is going to launch its new flagship Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop during the exclusive Dreame Brand Fest 2021 at AliExpress. With the theme of "Get it all done, once every 65 days", Dreame Bot Z10 Pro upgrades a powerful robot vacuum through its automatic dirt disposal, LiDAR-based precise navigation, intelligent and personalized cleaning experiences.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop: Get it all done, once every 65 days.
Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop: Get it all done, once every 65 days.

Doubling as an auto-empty dock and charging base, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro's 4L sealed dust collection bag can hold up to 65 days of dust and debris, so that users can enjoy the smart floor cleaning for more than two months without the hassle of dumping the dirtbag. Its Auto-empty station cleans the robot's dust tank automatically after each errand. The process of dust disposal is optimized by utilizing a double airflow design. Dirt is blown out from one side of the dust cup while powerful suction is performed on the other end. The combined power forces the dust to move into the dust collection bag more efficiently.

Featuring the industry-leading LiDAR navigation and 3D imaging algorithms in real-time, the robot can intelligently navigate your home without human intervention. As it gets to know your home environment more, it learns the most efficient cleaning path. Dreame Bot Z10 Pro boasts excellent object detection on the ground (such as slippers, cables, table and chair legs, etc.), thus realizing precise obstacle avoidance while preventing accidental collision and entanglement. Hence, it ensures smooth cleanings even in the complex environment, being smarter and more effective.

Personalized cleaning is delivered with the advanced custom cleaning options in the App, including the multi-floor mapping, room labeling, selecting specific cleaning areas and setting virtual no-go zones. For example, you can increase the suction power in the kitchen to remove food stains and select a lower level for the bedroom.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is supercharged with 4,000 Pa strong suction power to remove stubborn dirt and debris in one pass and 150min runtime to sweep an area of up to 250m², ideal for uninterrupted and deep cleaning. Whether you have tiled floor or carpets at home, the vacuuming and mopping 2-in-1 Dreame Bot Z10 Pro can help you keep your surroundings clean by sucking in dust particles and mopping your floor for an extra layer of cleaning.

"Dreame Bot Z10 Pro enables people to enjoy home cleaning with intelligence and convenience. This product is meant to liberate people from house chores and build a comfortable living environment through the ultimate autonomous cleaning experience," said Frank Wang, International Marketing Director of Dreame Technology. 

The incredibly powerful and intelligent Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is going to be available at the exclusive Brand Fest of AliExpress from August 10.

Sales Period:  2021.8.10  9: 00a.m-- 8.14  08: 59a.m(CEST TIME)
Promotional Price (tax not included):  $416.99
Early Bird Benefits: $20 coupon + 5 disposable dust bags for each Z10 Pro

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