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Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year's Eve Family Dinner Table

2018-02-12 18:17

SHANGHAI, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China has a long tradition of sharing gifts and gathering together during the Spring Festival season. This year several countries joined together and announced the launch of country gift boxes to fit in this tradition. On 18 January Diego Vega , Chief Commercial Officer of Ecuador in Shanghai, launched the sales of the Ecuador gift box in Alibaba's Business Unit Tmall Fresh, Hangzhou. The gift box is part of Tmall Discovery, an important program within Tmall marketing this year. There will be over 10 million views for this promotion, and Tmall will plan out different contents to engage consumers and other internal system support to promote the gift box. 

Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table
Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table

Ecuador's gift box includes Ecuador shrimp as large as your hand sold for 199 yuan, accompanied by a 20 yuan coupon. Consumers have responded to Ecuador's call, and the one thousand limited edition Ecuador gift boxes sold out during the Tmall CNY promotion. Chinese consumers love Ecuador shrimp because of  the taste, texture and color, China has bought from January to November 2017 around 14,538 tons of shrimp from Ecuador, representing 36.49% growth in volume year on year (January-November 2016). Consumers are able to have Ecuador shrimp delivered direct to their door, and TMALL FRESH did so during Tmall's CNY promotion.

Lunar New Year's Eve traditionally is a time for all three generations to celebrate under one roof. On February 8th , one lucky Tmall family in Shanghai got the gift box delivered by Santiago Yánez , Commercial Consul of Ecuador in Shanghai.  In addition to delivering the Ecuador gift box, Mr. Yánez also cooked and taught the family how to make Ecuadorian shrimp meals and other dishes in their own home, creating the traditional Ecuadorian meals. Here comes the menu of last night.

Ecuador Food for Chinese New Year's Eve Family Dinner Menu
Beverage: Guayusa tea
Cold Appetizer: Ecuadorian Heart of palms with spicy soybean sauce Palmitosen salsa china picante.
Warm Soup: Quinoa-pork soup with spicy touch¨Sopa de quinoa picosa¨
Main dishes: Coconut juicy shrimps with mix quinoa-rice ¨Encocado de camarón con arroz mestizo¨ .

Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table
Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table

The family also reciprocated, they made traditional Chinese dishes using the delicious Ecuadorian SHRIMPS and other food in return. For the Shrimp, the grandmother Mrs Xu made them in the traditional Chinese way, to stew them in brown sauce and the fragrant smell just filled the house at once. This was an interesting moment since she taught how to cook to Mr. Yanez. Another part of the room, some foreigners from different countries learnt how to make dumplings with the representative from Haidachu. Here comes the menu of Chinese food for this event.

Chinese Food forChinese New Year's Eve Family Dinner Menu
Braised pork in brown sauce
Stewed Ecuador Shrimps in brown sauce
Ningbo Mitten Crab

After all these food set the table. Everyone made a toast to each other and wish a happy new year.

Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table
Ecuador products arrived to Lunar New Year’s Eve Family Dinner Table

After the dinner, Ecuadorian company To'ak, chocolate company representatives , arrived and treated the family and other guests with a tasting of the world's purest and the most luxurious chocolate. The chocolate was able to be purchased in Tmall during the event and regularly it can be found at Haoli duo duo, luxury Chinese shop.

Regarding the shrimps, Mrs Xu, the mother, thought that the Ecuadorian shrimps are so fresh and tender. In the case of the chocolate, everyone felt excited to taste the most luxurious chocolate in the world and spoke highly of the natural taste of it.

The representative of Haidachu, shrimps Distribuitor thinks the cooperation with Proecaudor , Tmall and Toak was a great success. The event is very interesting and the atmosphere was so warm. Everyone was very devoted. The shrimp and chocolate were just like a lucky mascot and brought happiness to everyone here.

Mr. Santiago Yánez expressed that this was a successful experience and promotion of Ecuadorian SHRIMPS and CHOCOLATE.  Been able to cooperate with Tmall and offering to a Chinese family and consumers the whole experience of delivering the Ecuadorian products and sharing ways of cooking shrimps using Chinese and Ecuadorian cuisine was definitely an unrepeatable experience.

Meanwhile, all this sharing time and cross-cultural experience were broadcasted alive by TMALL KOL, which were able to reach around 50,000 viewers. Also we had been covered by the program TOP SHANGHAI who would broadcast on different dates in TV programs such as SMG, CHANNEL YOUNG, SITV, and Internet platform coverage such as wechat, qq, iqiyi,  and youku. All the efforts are expected to reach around 4 million viewers.

This event was hosted by PRO ECUADOR (Ecuador's Institute of Export and Investment Promotion). It is the state entity within the Ministry of Foreign Trade in charge of assisting in the promotion of Ecuadorian exports and investments. Rather than a public agency, Pro Ecuador is more a trading partner that maintains constant contact with local producers and exporters, as well as with those foreign importers and investors interested in doing business withEcuador, through 30+ international offices abroad. As for the chocolate company from Ecuador, it is worth to be mentioned because people call it "Hermes of the chocolate". The box tasted after dinner includes proprietary tasting utensils and a 116-page booklet that tells the story of its provenance and provides a guide to dark chocolate tasting. From earth to tree, bean and bar,  To'ak chocolate is produced entirely in Ecuador. Editions are strictly limited, typically to as few as 100 bars. To'ak Chocolate is available for sale in China through Holly Boutique platform.

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Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Ecuador in Shanghai

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