EPS launches "EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens", enabling elders to withdraw cash at Circle K stores without making a purchase

Enhanced service benefits the community and provides convenience for the elderly
EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited
2018-03-05 13:02 1398

HONG KONG, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited ("EPS Company") today announced the launch of the first phase of "EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens" as an extension to its EPS EasyCash service, making it more convenient than ever for the community.

EPS launches “EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens” where elderly people can withdraw cash at designated Circle K convenience stores, without making a purchase.
EPS launches “EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens” where elderly people can withdraw cash at designated Circle K convenience stores, without making a purchase.

EPS Company strives to offer convenient and secure payment solutions to merchants and customers in Hong Kong, where it is one of the leading electronic payment tools. "EPS Easy Cash for Senior Citizens" is designed for and will benefit Hong Kong's elderly population. It will allow elders to withdraw small sums of cash at designated Circle K convenience stores, without having to make a purchase.

Raymond So, General Manager at EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited said: "Launching 'EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens' jointly with Circle K convenience stores serves to enhance convenience to elderly people in using financial services through EPS. We hope to engage more business partners in the future, and we planned to expand the coverage of this service to most districts in Hong Kong by the end of 2018."

Mr. Richard Yeung, Chief Executive Officer of Convenience Retail Asia Limited said: "Making customer's life easier is Circle K's core motto. That is why we are excited about partnering with EPS in launching the enhanced EasyCash service. With Circle K's extensive network, we hope to provide the community in need with a convenient and fast cash withdrawal channel through this cooperation."

"EPS Easy Cash for Senior Citizens" is a simple and user-friendly service. Elders simply have to present their senior citizen card and ATM card issued by EPS member banks at the counters of designated Circle K convenience stores. Circle K staff will assist elders in completing an EPS transaction for making small cash withdrawals of up to HK$500 (in multiples of HK$100). No purchase will be required in using this service. Each ATM card of elder can use the service at a maximum of twice a day with no service charge.

Senior citizens can make withdrawals during non-peak business hours -- any time except between 7:30am and 10am. Stores may temporarily suspend withdrawal services if there is insufficient cash available -- customers may enquire from store employees in advance.

In the first phase, the service will commence in 34 Circle K convenience stores across Tin Shui Wai, Sheung Shui, Yuen Long, Cheung Chau and Tung Chung, Lantau Island. By the end of 2018, the service shall be available at the majority of Circle K convenience stores in Hong Kong.

About EPS Company

EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited ("EPS Company"), established in 1984, is a consortium of 20 major banks in Hong Kong. Its mission is to provide greater convenience for customers and merchants via wider use of electronic payment transfers.

EPS Company was the first to launch its EPS, a simple and secured cashless retail payment system, back in 1985. It is a convenient and cost effective addition to the range of payment options available to merchants and consumers. EPS is now popular in the market and welcomed at over 30,000 locations in Hong Kong and Macau.

#Appendix 1: Addresses of 34 Circle K stores available for "EPS EasyCash for Senior Citizens" service



Tin Shui Wai

(7 shops)

  • Shops 109 & 110 Tin Yan Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
  • Shop No. L30, G/F., Grandeur Terrace, Tin Shui Wai Town Lot No. 28, Yuen Long
  • Shop No. L026, Level 1, Tin Shui Shopping Centre, Tin Shui (I & II) Estate, 9 Tin Shui Road, Tin Shui Wai
  • MTR Station Shop TIS 46 at Tin Shui Wai Station
  • Shop No. G66B, Ground Floor, Phase 1, Kingswood Ginza, 12-18 Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai
  • Shop No. L003 G/F., Tin Shing Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
  • Shop No. LG12, Lower Ground 1 Floor, Commercial/Car Park Block, Tin Yiu Estate, Tin Wu Road, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong

Sheung Shui

(4 shops)

  • Shop 301 & 302, Choi Wah Hse, Choi Yuen Est, Sheung Shui, N.T.
  • Shop 1005-1006, Level I, Sheung Shui Centre Shopping Arcade, Sheung Shui, N.T.
  • No. 13 Ching Ho Shopping Centre, Fanling, N.T.
  • MTR Station Shop SHS 12 at Sheung Shui Station(MTR - East Rail Line)

Yuen Long

(17 shops)

  • Shop 103 & 105, Hong Shui Hse, Shui Pui Wai Est, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop No. 1, G/F., Yuk Ping Hse, Long Ping Estate, Y.L. N.T.
  • Shop 4, G/F., Blk C, Town Ctr Fairview Park, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop A, G/F., & M/F., Kit Man Hse, No.1 Kuk Ting St., Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop No.4 G/F., Kwong Wah Plaza, 11 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long
  • Shop A, G/F., Fu Hing Building, 218, 222 & 226-230 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long
  • Shops 4 & 11, G/F., Yuen Sun Mansion, No. 7-25 Yau San Street, Yuen Long
  • Shop M009, Keung Ping House, Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop No. 4 G/F., Yuk Lung Mansion, No. 18 Fung Kam Street, Yuen Long
  • Shop E on Ground Floor and Cockloft, Golden Hall Building, Nos. 49-63 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop 7 G/F., Yuen Long Trade Centre, 99-109 Castle Peak Road Yuen Long, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop A G/F Hung Min Building, Nos. 35/39 Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop 13A & 13E, G/F, Fu Shing Building, 9 Sai Ching Street, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop No. 18 on G/F., Wing Fu Mansion, Nos. 2/6 Fung Yau Street North, Yuen Long, N.T.
  • Shop No. 2 G/F., Coronet Court, No. 2 Hung Tai Road, Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long
  • G/F., No. 32 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, New Territories
  • Shop No. 6, Hung Fuk Shopping Centre, Hung Fuk Estate, Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, N.T

Cheung Chau

(2 shops)

  • G/F & Cockloft, 34-35 Praya Street., Cheung Chau
  • G/F, 107 San Hing Street, Cheung Chau

Tung Chung, Lantau Island

(4 shops)

  • Shop No. 7, on Level 1 of the Commercial Accommodation of The Visionary, No. 1 Ying Hong Street, The Lantau Island
  • Shop 1 Podium 1/F., Caribbean Bazaar, Caribbean Coast, 1 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island
  • Shop 31 Podium First Floor, Caribbean Bazaar, Caribbean Coast, 1 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island
  • MTR Station Concession TUC 21 at Tung Chung Station

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Source: EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited