Equidius Launches EQ Benefits to Bridge Gap in Healthcare Offerings for SME and Rising Gig Economy Market with Affordable Subscription & Reward Programme

Building a network of ethical medical and dental services to service those not covered by their employers or companies at 50% below market rates.
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SINGAPORE, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Equidius Services, established in 2017 by a consortium of healthcare and insurance experts, today announced the launch of EQ Benefits and Rewards - its inaugural healthcare & wellness subscription program in Singapore. This program addresses the issues recognised by the Singapore Health Ministry in making affordable healthcare to everyone in Singapore and provides a solution to bridge the gap where employees' healthcare is not covered by their employers for various reasons. It also includes a rewards component to encourage its members to stay healthy.

Medical inflation in Singapore is expected to hit 10% in 2019. This headline figure is above the global average of 8% as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and chronic illnesses continue to drive up the cost of medical plans in Singapore, further aggravated by an ageing workforce. This forced smaller companies to reduce or eliminate healthcare benefits in their staff welfare benefits.

To address this need, Equidius has developed a unique portable healthcare subscription program, EQ Benefits & Rewards, which enables its members to enjoy special rates when visiting its medical, dental and wellness partners in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Residents in Singapore can enjoy lower healthcare costs and be empowered to take ownership in managing their own health. EQ Benefits offers a variety of  programmes to cater to diverse needs. All Members only pay S$13 for a medical consultation and $15 for dental consultation, or they can subscribe to a programme that includes complimentary health screening or dental cleaning, which many people have neglected due to the cost.
  • Address Singapore employers' growing need to provide for healthcare benefits for young and aging  workers within their organisations and to ensure that their employees' medical and dental needs are met. This will help employers and HR Managers in their employee retention strategy.

To further encourage its members to maintain their health and wellness, members can also purchase healthcare and wellness products and services in the comfort of their homes through EQ Benefits & Rewards™ - an innovative platform which is also conveniently available as a mobile app available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Equidius Launches EQ Benefits to Bridge Gap in Healthcare Offerings
Equidius Launches EQ Benefits to Bridge Gap in Healthcare Offerings

EQ Benefits can also work with employers to provide Return To Work services so downtime and unnecessary medical cost is minimised.

"Every individual has a part to play in taking responsibility for their own health and well-being as part of a national effort to contain rising healthcare costs," said Sirikit Oh, Founder at Equidius Services. "To do so, we also must remember that the individual cannot achieve his/her healthcare objectives on his/her own efforts. EQ Benefits is a digital ecosystem which provides immediate healthcare cost savings, support, and direct connection between members and reliable healthcare and wellness service providers."

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Equidius is a vibrant, forward thinking and innovative managed healthcare solution and employee benefits provider dedicated to serving the interests of our members, corporate clients and service partners.

As an ethical provider, we seek to protect the interests and well-being of all our stakeholders whilst helping to safeguard the integrity of the healthcare system by bringing cost-effective managed healthcare solutions and employee benefits to our stakeholders.


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