Experience Chroma's Semiconductor Test Solutions for Automotive Chip Market at SEMICON China

2021-03-17 08:00 2614

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Chroma ATE has been heavily invested in the field of semiconductor testing for 20 years and has received a warm welcome in China. From basic 4-bit microcontrollers to high-end AI chips, Chroma's semiconductor test systems can be found far and wide.

This exhibition, Chroma will demonstrate the comprehensive high-precision/high-performance 3680 SoC/Analog Test System, which extends the well-known 3380 series platform to high-end technology. With a data rate up to 1Gbps, up to 512 parallel test capabilities, and 512M Word test data memory depth, the 3680 test system meets the test requirements of high-end chips while reducing test costs. Together with the Adivic MP5806S RF test analyzer, Chroma Group offers semiconductor test solutions that support all four major navigation systems. The MP5806S offers a variety of built-in modulation and demodulation protocols as well as standard test methods required by positioning systems. In addition, Chroma's High Density Audio Video Option (HDAVO) works with a variety of wireless test instruments to create the most cost-effective combination for high-end smart speakers and wireless earbuds. Providing 32 radio frequency channels, the 3680 semiconductor test system performs a large number of parallel tests while taking the expense, yield, and quality into account.

Chroma will also show its 3300 PXIe semiconductor test system, the most flexible full-function semiconductor test machine in the market. Inheriting the design and technical advantages of the Chroma 3380P series, it uses the new generation of CRAFT-Plus software to further support many of the advantages of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, for easier integration of third-party PXIe instruments. Chroma 3300 suits testing of microcontrollers, MEMS sensors, RF amplifiers, and CMOS image sensors.

Likewise up for display is the Chroma 3200 Versatile Platform, a freely configurable SLT Test Cell platform that uses a flexible robot to pick and place the test chips. The optional model 31000 (-40°C ~ +150°C) or higher-order model 32000 (-70°C ~ +150°C) ATC thermostatic control systems cover all needs for temperature control testing. Chroma Virtual Operation Tools (CVOT) can remotely track the product test process, predict the machine's test efficiency through big data, greatly shorten the shipping time, and improve the product test yield. The combination of VR glasses software and hardware supports the remote demonstration of repairs, solving any problems where technicians cannot visit for on-site repairs due to the pandemic.

Chroma ATE will exhibit these new semiconductor test solutions at SEMICON China 2021 on March 17-19 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center (booth no. N3583). We are looking forward to letting visitors experience the newest testing trends and connecting with them at SEMICON China.

Source: Chroma