EZVIZ puts farmers at the center of its global forest planting project this World Environment Day, creating a more virtuous eco circle between land conservation and community development

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Embarking on a bigger horizon to grow its Global Forest Plan, EZVIZ announced its annual theme on the World Environment Day: "A Forest for Farmers. Trees for Common Benefit." It aligns with the United Nations Environment Programme's annual campaign "Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration." Specifically, EZVIZ will plant locally adaptive and profitable tree species in numerous regions, providing seeds to farmers to reduce poverty while restoring lands and absorbing carbon emissions.

Rooted in the mission of driving sustainable development for both the planet and people, the EZVIZ Global Forest Plan has gone beyond mere tree planting. Continuing its partnership Treedom since 2023, one of the top-leading tree planting platform, EZVIZ will help grow 730 trees of cacao, coffee, avocado and cashew in Haiti, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Ghana. Local NGOs will work closely with the tree recipients through the whole planting process, providing tools and educational resources on sustainable agricultural models

"We are impressed by EZVIZ's unwavering commitment to taking truly valuable actions for a thriving planet," commented Martina Fondi, Head of Forestry at Treedom.

Both EZVIZ and Treedom believe that balancing habitat preservation with people's livelihoods is the key to sustainable development. The two partners selected plant species that are favorable to the local soil while offering economic benefits. For instance, in Kenya, cacao trees provide a source of income while combating land degradation.

"Envision a future where farmers are not just caretakers of the land, but change-makers in sustainable progress," said Sandra Zheng, global brand director at EZVIZ. "By placing people at the center of our efforts, we provide capacity-building opportunities to equip farmers with skills to improve their quality of life."

According to Treedom's impact calculator, with all trees planted from 2023 to 2024, the EZVIZ Global Forest Plan will absorb approximately 245.20 tons of CO₂ in the first ten years of the trees' lives. Proceeds from EZVIZ Green-badged products will continue to help fund the Forest. These products include the latest 4K solar-powered battery cameras, and robot vacuums made partly with recycled plastics. Partners and users can also receive branded trees from the Forest as gifts to show their support to sustainability.

Source: EZVIZ Inc.