Focused Sun Announces Two Revolutionary Solar Energy Solutions

LAS CRUCES, N.M., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Focused Sun announces two revolutionary solar energy solutions, both capturing three times (3X) more energy from the sun than conventional systems., These products capture both the sun's light and its heat, unlike traditional solar panels that only capture sunlight. They offer unparalleled efficiency and sustainability.

The Microgrid product features 26 m2 (280 ft2) of solar collectors mounted on a shipping container roof. Inside, a heat-storing concrete cylinder powers a steam turbine, converting stored heat into electricity. The unit operates even after sunset. No need for batteries.

The Hectare product features multiple sets of collectors covering a hectare (2.5 acres) of land, 240 times larger than the Microgrid. It's as big as a soccer pitch or an American football field.

Both products store and convert solar heat into electricity. The Microgrid has an electrical capacity of 2 kW output, while the Hectare's electrical capacity is 400 kW output. For heat users, both units capture and store heat: Microgrid (15 kW) and Hectare (3 mW).

Heat can power air-conditioning, purify water or provide heat for industrial needs. Heat powered chillers make ice and cool buildings. Focused Sun has partnered with Purdue University to develop improved desalination. Heat warms buildings and processes food and fabrics. Heat also drives enhanced oil production, solution mining, plus green hydrogen, and graphene production.

Manufactured in small factories of 5-50 workers, both products can be produced anywhere in the world. Focus Sun licenses the technology for factories to produce both Microgrid and Hectare installations. The factories operate like franchise chains, ensuring accessibility and availability worldwide. Franchisee engineers are trained at our Training Center in New Mexico USA.

Join Focused Sun in revolutionizing clean energy production, offering sustainable solutions for everyone, everywhere.

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Source: Focused Sun