Four MINISO x Marvel IP Stores Opened in Brazil on the Same Day

2019-10-15 20:00 1239

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 12, four MINISO x Marvel IP stores were opened in Brazil, three in Sao Paulo and one in Rio. As it happened to be Children's Day in Brazil, MINISO prepared a little surprise for children entering the store - a free sticker of Marvel heroes. Under the dual influence of MINISO and Marvel, the opening of the IP store attracted a huge number of Brazilian internet celebrities and fans to line up for shopping. The sales increased nearly sixfold on that day.

MINISO x Marvel IP store develops in the Brazilian market
MINISO x Marvel IP store develops in the Brazilian market

The Brazilian market is an important target market for MINISO in South America. It is directly managed by the head office. It has an excellent operation management team and the most complete hardware and software configuration. In August, 2017, MINISO opened the first store in Brazil. After two years of development, there are more than 50 stores in the Brazilian market so far. MINISO brings high-quality, reasonably priced and well-designed products, which are highly praised and even have a huge impact on the local retail industry, to the Brazilian people. The arrival of the IP stores will not only help MINISO grow in the Brazilian market but also bring big surprises to Marvel fans in Brazil.

Marvel is the world's top IP, whose fans come from all over the world. MINISO, in collaboration with Disney headquarters, is authorized to produce and sell Marvel co-branded products in more than 120 countries and regions. Since May 2019, MINISO has launched Marvel co-branded products in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

This time the MINISO x Marvel IP stores have been successfully set up in Brazil, with more than 400 SUKs, which will be increased in the future. All the Marvel co-branded products in the stores range in price from 4.99 reals to 73.49 reals, which is a huge price advantage over similar products in the market.

MINISO has always been committed to turning consumers into fans and providing fans with cost-effective products. It selects globally reputable suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials, and strictly controls the cost and profit, so that fans can buy high quality products at reasonable prices and improve the quality of life and happiness. The news of the opening of four MINISO x Marvel IP stores in Brazil was known by many local MINISO fans on social media, who signed up for the opening ceremony, and the limited number of VIP seats were reserved immediately. On the opening day, the customer flow and customer unit price of 4 stores broke the record.

In addition to the four stores opened that day, 16 new Marvel IP stores are in the works and will be opened in November, according to the director of MINISO Brazilian market. "Fans in Brazil have a strong desire to consume and have spending power. The key is to produce the right product, and the price must surprise consumers," said the director. He also indicated that the competitor retail brands are rare in the Brazilian market. MINISO has great potential developing in Brazil. Because MINISO is not only rich in SKU, with a sense of design and high quality, and pursuing lower and more reasonable prices, but also looks forward to bringing the most surprising products and lifestyle to fans in this market.

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