Fundiin Solidifies Its Position As The First And Only Buy Now Pay Later Provider On Shopify Vietnam

2023-08-16 09:00 2399

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- After more than a year of partnership with Shopify Vietnam, Fundiin's impact remains significant as it establishes itself as the initial and sole provider of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services integrated into Shopify's payment system in Vietnam.

Customers can select Fundiin as a payment option when shopping on brand websites utilizing the Shopify platform
Customers can select Fundiin as a payment option when shopping on brand websites utilizing the Shopify platform

Under the milestone agreement, Fundiin has been successfully offering its BNPL payment solution to millions of shoppers on Shopify Vietnam, the world's leading e-commerce platform headquartered in Canada. Renowned international businesses, including Sulwhasoo, Crocs, Supersports, and more, trust Shopify as their online presence platform.

The integration of Fundiin's BNPL solution into online stores empowers merchants to enhance revenue and elevate customer experiences. This integration proves to be a valuable asset as it reduces cart abandonment rates and increases the average order value (AOV). Fundiin's impressive track record showcases its ability to help merchants achieve a twofold increase in AOV compared to traditional e-wallet methods.

Fundiin's BNPL service enables enterprises to optimize cash flow without assuming payment risks. Additionally, Fundiin goes beyond the service itself by actively supporting merchants in strengthening brand recognition and expanding their reach to a diverse range of potential customers.

For consumers, Fundiin's presence offers not only a flexible payment method but also facilitates effective expense management through zero-cost pay-later payment options.

Through this strategic collaboration, Fundiin garnered global recognition by announcing its groundbreaking achievement in assisting sellers on the Shopify Vietnam platform to achieve a remarkable 50% optimization in sales generation costs, surpassing existing marketing channels.

Fundiin emphasizes the shift in focus among businesses towards investing in their brand-owned e-commerce websites, known as "" This strategic approach optimizes costs compared to relying solely on e-commerce channels and empowers businesses to gain a deeper understanding of consumer shopping behavior.

With 8 years of experience implementing Shopify for businesses worldwide, Meowcart CEO Mr. Tran Phu believes BNPL will be a leading payment trend in Vietnam. Collaborating with Fundiin has provided effective financial solutions, boosting conversion rates and sales for Meowcart's customers while also enhancing the shopping experience. Fundiin's capabilities extend beyond just providing payment solutions but also focus on improving customer shopping experiences.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Cuong, CEO of Fundiin, stated, "The partnership with Shopify Vietnam has provided numerous occasions for Fundiin to establish connections with merchant partners by expediting the integration process. With a strong focus on improving user experiences and pursuing mutually beneficial collaborations, Fundiin aims to strengthen relationships with engaged partners and brands on Shopify Vietnam."

About Fundiin:

Founded in 2019, Fundiin is Vietnam's leading BNPL provider, boasting a network of nearly 500 reputable merchant partners, including LOTTE Cinema, Galaxy Play, Paula's Choice, Sulwhasoo, Reebok, Vans, Unilever, etc. Backed by prominent investment funds such as Trihill Capital, ThinkZone Ventures, Genesia Ventures, 1982 Ventures, Jafco Asia, and Zone Startups Ventures, Fundiin continues to make significant strides in the industry.


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