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ALICANTE, Spain, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The global e-commerce platform recently released its brand ranking for 11.11 sales, listing the top 3 brands in ten major categories. Xiaomi, AMAZFIT, Roborock, Alfawise, and other brands are on the list. The new brand setup has become a major focus. There were nearly 90 million visitors to during the 11.11 sales, all of whom enjoyed a good experience of quality shopping. This ranking also provides a valuable reference for consumers in the upcoming Black Friday activity.

The preferred platform to launch new products

Gearbest focuses on providing affordable high-quality products. With rich experience on various product categories and a strong sales ability, it attracted new product launches by brands such as Xiaomi and Roborock during the 11.11 sales.

According to the list, Xiaomi ranks in the top 3 brands for smartphones, cleaning appliances, and tablet computers. Xiaomi launched Mi Note 10 and the Mi Note 10 Pro, in Madrid, Spain, on November 6. Gearbest was also selected to launch online sales that same day, attracting a large number of Mi fans.

Roborock, ranking at the top of the cleaning appliance category, also released its new S5-MAX on Gearbest, which became the hits immediately.

Thor, head of content operations at Gearbest, said: "New product launches can bring new markets, new users, and new growth to the brand. Gearbest has become an important venue for product launches while maintaining the platform's price advantage."

According to Thor, Gearbest has a unique integrated marketing plan for new products: "Take the Mi Note 10 as an example, which attracted about 100K subscriptions through pre-launch activities. Coupled with the brand's regional pricing strategy, in-depth operations were carried out in Japan, Brazil, the UK, Eastern Europe, and other markets, making the Mi Note 10 a star product during the 11.11 sales and allowing it to achieve the greatest number of sales within 48 hours."

Various activities attracting new fans

During the 11.11 sales, Gearbest launched various promotion campaigns, such as "Search for keywords", "Exchange points for products", etc. 8.6 million users joined in these activities, and they won a total of $15 million in bonuses.

Earlier in October, Gearbest's Facebook page had its followers exceeded 5 million. To thank their fans, Gearbest teamed up with 7 premium brands, including Cubot, Alfawise, Yeelight, and Oclean, to create a campaign titled "How to Prove You're a Superfan of Gearbest with a Photo?" on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Fans expressed their positive experiences with Gearbest about product selection, logistics, customer service, etc. The activity achieved over 1 million exposures and attracted over 50000 fans to participate.

With Black Friday just around the corner, Gearbest has teamed up with a number of brands to offer more deals.

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