Big Data Report on the 2019 Gearbest 11.11 Sale

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ALICANTE, Spain, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With the 2019 Gearbest 11.11 sale at an end, the company has rounded up some of the sale's trends and features.

User enthusiasm for the 11.11 sale is growing

According to statistics, during the 11.11 sale, the number of visits to Gearbest's website soared to nearly 90 million. Data shows that 8.6 million users joined in the various activities designed by Gearbest, such as "Input the keywords", "Exchange points for gears", and "Get extra treasures from the story".

Many users even invited their friends to join in the activities, and they won a total of $15 million in bonuses.

Sale's trends between regions

  • Due to the popularity of short videos in Asia, mobile phones with powerful photo taking functions have become the favorite of people across the region.
  • European men are the most devoted to sports, and most of them are healthy.
  • Users from Australia and North America like to take a flashlight with a toolbox and drive outdoors to embrace nature.
  • Enjoying life is important for South Americans.

By analyzing the data more thoroughly, Gearbest can find some interesting characteristics between regions.

For example:

  • French men have a preference for buying 3D printers
  • German men purchased window cleaners, robotic floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners.
  • Japanese people are some of the first to order new electronics.
  • English man prefer to purchase e-bikes.

All major brands are developing well

Gearbest has summarized the top brands for various product categories during the 11.11 sale period.

Although 11.11 sale ended, Gearbest Black Friday event will start soon. Light up Black Friday, let the craze continue.

About Gearbest

In recent years, Gearbest has become one of the leading e-commerce websites in the world.

Gearbest always provides high-quality products and services via its international e-commerce platform to maximize the happiness of global customers.

In addition, affordable prices, various brands, convenient express delivery, global warehouses, payment security, worry-free purchases and other advantages are also the reasons why consumers around the world love Gearbest.

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