Geberit Shares Tips for Better Minimalist Bathrooms -- Minimal Yet Functional

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SINGAPORE, June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Minimalist bathroom designs are often touted for their effortless aesthetic. However, trendy, minimalist products too often focus on design and neglect function. With the correct bathroom ceramics (i.e. WCs and washbasins), minimalist bathrooms can also offer better bathroom hygiene, convenience and usability. Therefore, Geberit, the market leader in bathroom ceramics and sanitary technology, is sharing 5 tips for designing better minimalist bathrooms.

The Geberit Xeno2 bathroom collection is synonymous with design minimalism with its square water closets and iconic asymmetric washbasins.
The Geberit Xeno2 bathroom collection is synonymous with design minimalism with its square water closets and iconic asymmetric washbasins.

The 'less is more' philosophy in design minimalism strips away unnecessary clutter until just the essentials remain. However, trendy designs may look extraordinary, but can be impractical, bulky and difficult to clean or maintain.

How does one create minimalist bathrooms without compromising functionality? The key is in choosing the right bathroom ceramics (the washbasin and WC), as these are the core appliances that require the most maintenance and cleaning. Choosing the right washbasin complements the other furniture and offers greater convenience. The WC is the centrepiece of the bathroom, so choosing a good design that does not compromise hygiene and comfort could make all the difference.

Here are 5 tips for designing better minimalist bathrooms:

1.  Seamless ceramics

Reducing minute details in the washbasin and WC not only creates a seamless look but is more sanitary as dirt and bacteria have nowhere to hide. The seamless bathroom ceramics from the Geberit Xeno2 (pronounced 'zen-oh square') bathroom collection are perfect for minimalist bathrooms.

The washbasins do not require overflow holes, so the inner basin's flowing aesthetic is not disrupted. For the WCs, flush rims are things of the past. Discover Rimfree WCs with seamless inner geometries for an added hygiene bonus.

2.  Robust materials

It is important that WCs and washbasins are highly durable since they are frequently used. Quality ceramic glazing can make a huge difference as the ceramics are noticeably smoother, dirt-repellent and scratchproof. The Xeno2 washbasins and WCs, for instance, are baked with the Geberit KeraTect ceramic glazing. The material is extremely robust and easy to clean without harsh cleaning agents.

3.  Slim rims

Washbasins with slim rims create a lightweight appearance in the bathroom. What's more, they offer maximum wash areas while taking up minimal space in the bathroom. The sophisticated slim rim design of the Xeno2 washbasin opens new opportunities to design the wash area in a timeless elegance. The solid surface material of the washbasin lends it a smooth, satined look and pleasantly warm feel.

4.  Asymmetric Washbasins

Asymmetric washbasins have a shelf space for added convenience. Shelf spaces are also perfect for small guest bathrooms where there is little room for bathroom furniture. The Xeno2 washbasin has a distinct asymmetric form that's adds a unique touch to the bathroom.

5.  Fair and square

Having coordinated elements can truly elevate a bathroom's aesthetic. Choosing square or rectangular forms is an easy way to coordinate the WC, washbasin and furniture.

Square WCs add an unexpected element to the bathroom and can easily match rectangular washbasins and furniture. Whereas with rectangular washbasins, it is easy to find washbasin cabinets that match seamlessly.

About Geberit and Xeno2

Since 1874, Geberit has been the European market leader in bathroom ceramics and sanitary technology. The Geberit Xeno2 bathroom collection is synonymous with architectonic design minimalism. Characterised by a unique contrast between clear lines and natural curves, the Xeno2 washbasins and WCs offer better bathroom aesthetics, hygiene and convenience. The collection is suitable for exclusive private bathrooms and discerning hotel bathrooms that want to stand out from the mainstream.

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