Global exclusive: an inside look at William Fox & Sons' 2019 Collection

William Fox & Sons
2019-06-26 20:00 960

LONDON, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- William Fox & Sons' 2019 collection features a selection of old school vintage which takes inspiration from the 1920s. From tailored suits to high streets casual wear, the latest trends for 2019 male wardrobes quickly recalls the 1920s, with all the top designers onto the trend of floral prints. Each in its unique way: Gucci clashed floral-print tailoring, Prada went all moody Hawaiian, Raf Simons featured pop art tulips while Dries Van Noten put flowers on pretty much everything.

As with most developments in fashion, the drive toward floral prints did not happen overnight. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, textile production, particularly floral fabrics, had grown exponentially.

William Fox & Sons, a boutique menswear brand founded in London 1913, also takes inspiration from the 1920s in its new collection. The offering from William Fox & Sons got the man-flower reboot off to a good start: graphic floral motifs splattered with paintbrush strokes on shirts and grey marl blazers. A minimalist tone embodies the William Fox & Sons collection with simple yet beautiful structured designs, unique pieces exuding modernity and classic. A yellow Fox, contoured by sketchy geometrical shapes, has become a part of the brand trademark, carrying the idea to pursue smart sexy.

The heritage shop also produces brogue styles with a contrasting rubber wedge sole that holds on to all the details of the classic brogue shoe. The style's distinctive perforations were designed initially as an escape valve for bog water, favored by Irish farmers who spent half their working day stomping through submerged fields. For much of its life, the brogue stayed firmly in the country.

William Fox & Sons was very dedicated to use the Goodyear-welted construction technique as far back as the mid-1930s, and its innovation did not stop there. This variety has helped the brogue style become one of the most versatile shoes in men's wardrobes. Depending on the construction and level of decoration, it wears with everything from suits to shorts, everywhere from the office to gardens.

In the end of the day, the collection "really says something very positive and adamant about those who wear it," the chief designer Alexandra Ye at William Fox & Sons noted. "The floral prints and brogue shoes line are all about to boost confidence and effuse a bright aura around people."

Source: William Fox & Sons