Global Luxury Brands Explore New Grounds To Reach Thai Consumers Through Chat Commerce on LINE Platform in the New Normal Era

2021-10-07 16:27 3411

BANGKOK, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LINE Thailand reveals luxury brands adjust and increasingly place importance on their online channels amid the ongoing Covid pandemic as a majority of customers are turning to shop for luxury brands through online channels more. This monumental change goes deep down to localization, which is to adjust their marketing strategy to be in line with the locality. Findings by LINE Thailand show that many international luxury brands with markets in Thailand have started to study and adapt towards the Thai consumer's behavior during this New Normal era.

Global Luxury Brands Explore New Grounds To Reach Thai Consumers Through Chat Commerce on LINE Platform in the New Normal Era.
Global Luxury Brands Explore New Grounds To Reach Thai Consumers Through Chat Commerce on LINE Platform in the New Normal Era.

One of the important behaviors that cannot be overlooked, a charming way Thais tend to shop, is to do their shopping through "chat". Currently, global brand names be it Burberry, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co., etc. have all approached the online market through the usage of chat commerce in order to reach Thai consumers. Whether it is to launch their LINE Official Account to communicate their brand, to close sales, or to create brand and product awareness on the LINE platform, this full service for Thai consumers is considered an interesting phenomenon that marks great changes within Global luxury brands.

An example would be Louis Vuitton, one of the luxury brands that has launched a LINE OA, as well as LINE stickers for their customers and fans. Thais are among the first countries able to download these stickers and currently, the account has over 300,000 friends. During the new wave of the Covid pandemic since the beginning of last year, Louis Vuitton has live-streamed their fashion shows from Paris through their LINE OA many times so their Thai customers could also watch the show— this phenomenon making them among one of the first luxury brands to adjust to the online landscape with chat commerce.

Chanel is another global luxury brand that has moved towards chat commerce on LINE in order to reach Thai customers. Besides their main LINE OA, additional LINE OA accounts such as Chanel Beauty have also been launched, in order to focus on their beauty product lines. Live-streams of their fashion shows have been broadcasted directly to Thailand through their LINE OA since late last year, while their CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show recently took place last month.

Another interesting brand is Cartier, which has released stickers with eye-catching designs in order to increase the friend base of their LINE OA. Countless advertisements are also released on their LINE platform, thus making Cartier another brand that has solidified its digital presence comprehensively through chat commerce on LINE. All in all, this clearly makes them another Global luxury brand entering a new dimension of no longer adhering to old principles, in order to facilitate online commerce and brand building to directly reach Thai consumers.

A Shift to the Online World: New Commerce Opportunities, Same Luxurious Experience

It is not merely about marketing, product promotion and increasing the customer base. These brands are using their LINE Official Account to communicate their brand story. This is done by telling their value through the brand's heritage, as well as illustrating themselves as part of the consumer's lifestyle in a stylish manner through the chat function. This can easily and frequently reach Thai consumers in order to impress them intimately with the brand's value and products. An admin can chat with the customer interested in their products to provide information and to close sales in personal chats immediately. All of this makes the channel one that can efficiently reach customers in a personalized matter no different from meeting at the store. It could possibly generate even better results, as more customers can be accommodated than before.

For customers or big fans of such luxury brands, clear benefits can be seen as these LINE Official Accounts can wipe out all shopping restrictions. Everyone can get products they've set their sights on without having to risk traveling to the actual store, nevertheless, they will still receive the same exclusive service no different from the physical store. This also provides new customers with courage to start shopping at a luxury brand. Many may be worried or shy about browsing products within the store, but shopping through LINE OA relieves them of that problem, all the while ensuring that they still receive special and exceptional service from luxury brands.

This monumental change consisting of new commerce opportunities for luxury brands, the spending power of an unexpected new target group and new marketing trends that completely encompasses the digital all clearly reflect how a boutique shop or offline sales are no longer enough for a luxury brand. Online commerce through the chat commerce function may be the new and right channel for luxury brands looking to meet the demands of their present and future customers. All the reasons and factors listed above regarding the powerful and strategic chat commerce all clearly imply that this channel is one that luxury brands should quickly seize, in order to capture the hearts of their customers in every situation. Without a doubt, it is going to shake up the world of e-commerce—allowing all customers to access luxury brands more than they've ever imagined.  

Source: LINE Thailand