Goongbe Wins 1st Prize in 2019 National Brand Awards Baby Skincare Industry

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SEOUL, South Korea, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Goongbe (, a premium natural skincare brand made by Baby-children specialized enterprise Zero to Seven, has been awarded the 1st  prize in the Baby Skincare Industry of the 2019 National Brand Awards.

Goongbe’s Moisture Lotion and Cream
Goongbe’s Moisture Lotion and Cream

The National Brand Awards, in Republic of Korea, held for the 10th  year, are an authoritative series of awards given jointly by the government's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs along with influential daily newspapers to recognize top national brands.

To evaluate brands, several competing brands (3-10) are surveyed within each category to come up with an objective and fair evaluation. Winning brands are selected based on consumer surveys of global competitiveness as well as brand awareness, representativeness, satisfaction, loyalty, and overall likeability. Goongbe scored at the top of all categories evaluated to proudly take first place in the Baby Skincare Industry.

Goongbe, a premium natural skincare brand that re-interprets a time-honoured wisdom through the lens of dermatology, has been beloved by consumers throughout the 11 years since its 2008 launch to become South Korea's most renowned skincare brand, also recently becoming a leading K-beauty brand.

All Goongbe skincare products feature Goongbe's unique core ingredient, "Oji Relief Complex", extracted from five trees. Oji Relief Complex was developed through effectiveness tests and found to lower skin temperature and moisturize with soothing all-natural ingredients to alleviate redness and strengthen skin barriers.

Goongbe's products are also free from the 26 scents identified by the EU as allergens as well as paraben, phenoxyethanol, sulfate surfactants, and artificial colors to protect baby's delicate skin as we follow the "no harmful ingredient" principle. These products have received grades of Excellent on Germany's strict Dermatest with guaranteed safety that meets global standards.

Goongbe's Moisture Lotion is gaining popularity as it moisturizes effectively for 48 hours. Meanwhile, Moisture Cream's sales exceeded 1 million last summer, and it has become a hot item for consumers from China, the US, and around the world.

With its motto of "Safe, mild skincare for the whole family", Goongbe plans to lead the way in manufacturing products for adults with sensitive skin, as well.

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