GRL's Dongguan Lab Approved for Thunderbolt(TM) 4 Windows Certification Testing

Dongguan joins GRL Shanghai and Taipei in offering Windows Host certification

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Granite River Labs ("GRL"), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity, has announced that its lab in Dongguan, China has been approved by Intel® Corporation to perform Thunderbolt™ 4 testing, certification, pre-testing and debugging services for the Windows platform.

GRL Dongguan joins GRL's Shanghai lab and its expanded Taipei facility in offering Thunderbolt™ 4 Windows Host certification testing, which consists of electrical (physical layer) and functional validation. Additionally, GRL's Shanghai lab and Taipei facilities offer certification testing to product developers designing and manufacturing systems, docks, monitors and other products.

Thunderbolt™ 4 is a truly universal port that connects PC's to any dock, display, and data device while charging a laptop or other device, all through one flippable, reversible cable. Its consistent 40 Gigabits per second high-bandwidth connection supports multiple monitors with premium resolution, refresh rate, and color, while still having bandwidth for data needs. 

All Thunderbolt™ 4 products are required to undergo rigorous testing and certification, a critical step towards assuring end users that the product is compatible with prior generations as well as USB3 and USB4 products. Only products that have passed official certification testing are authorized to use the Thunderbolt name, logo, and connector icon.

"The testing and certification provided by GRL have certainly contributed to Bitland's success and made us confident that our current and future Thunderbolt™ products will meet the needs of our demanding, performance conscious customers, said Zhaohui Guo, Senior manager, Testing and Certification Department, Shenzhen Bitland Information Technology Co. Ltd.

"GRL shares our mission of making cutting-edge technology more accessible. Working with such an industry leader unlocks the possibilities for new product innovations in a wide range of industries, from offices and education, to logistics, vehicles, finance, businesses and smart homes," said Enzo Tan, Research & Development (RD) Director, from Emdoor Digital.

"GRL remains committed to extending our support for the expanding Thunderbolt ecosystem," said Holger Kunz, GRL's President of Worldwide Services. "By leveraging our technical leadership and expertise in Thunderbolt, USB, PCI Express, and DisplayPort, we can help customers all over the world get their newest products tested, certified and into global markets as quickly and efficiently as possible."

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