Haier Ranks First in 2018 Magnetic Air Conditioner Global Market

QINGDAO, China, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Qingdao Haier Home Appliance, has been ranked first in global magnetic central air conditioning market with a market share of 13.5%, according to the 2018 Global Magnetic Central Air Conditioning Industry Report.

Haier Ranks First in 2018 Magnetic Air Conditioner Global Market
Haier Ranks First in 2018 Magnetic Air Conditioner Global Market

The report was released at the 2019 Central Air Conditioning Summit held in Guiyang, in southwest China's Guizhou Province. As per the report, Haier is well ahead in China market, too, with annual sales of magnetic central air conditioners increasing 80% compared to the previous year.

At the summit, Haier showcased its breakthroughs in the air conditioning field spanning the past decade. In 2006, it developed China's first magnetic central air conditioner, marking the beginning of an "oil-free era" for the central air conditioning industry. It then invented the world's first water source heat pump magnetic central air conditioner in 2009, and China's first air-cooling magnetic central air conditioner in 2011. With the latest releases of two world-firsts - an IoT magnetic central air conditioner and air-cooling heat pump magnetic central air conditioner - Haier demonstrated that it has been representing the highest standard of the industry for the past 13 years.

"Haier Air Conditioning has been committed to providing people with a cleaner and more comfortable life and work experience," said Wang Li, Vice President of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group and General Manager of Haier Air Conditioning, "We focus greatly on the utilization of 5G technology in the home appliance industry, along with other high-tech breakthroughs, hoping to provide a greener and healthier living environment for our consumers."

The secret behind Haier's success lies in the brand's forward-looking vision. Haier boasts utilization of IoT techniques in air conditioning systems; by linking air conditioners into the IoT using the latest 5G technology, it has successfully realized the real-time interaction between design, manufacturing, production, transportation and installment, bringing in a smart solution for an ecological production cycle. Haier's magnetic central air conditioning systems are particularly welcomed in the manufacturing, hotel and hospital industries.

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