HanaroFarm to Supply Autonomous Cultivation System in Vietnam

TAM KY, Vietnam, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HanaroFarm will be introducing an autonomous cultivation system in Vietnam that is based on Korean-style smart city urban farming.

The Born2Global Centre announced that a member company HanaroFarm had signed an MOU in July at Tam Ky City Hall with Vietnamese companies Dai Nam Pharma (DNP) and Edunet regarding the development of smart farm technology for the production and processing of sam ngoc linh (Panax vietnamensis).

Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony

Through the MOU, HanaroFarm, DNP, and Edunet will start construction of a 200-hectare sam ngoc linh farm in Tam Ky's Ngoc Linh region in the first half of 2020. The construction project will be carried out with cash support and land investment (over 50 years) from the Vietnamese government.

HanaroFarm plans to utilize smart farm technology (artificial cultivation of seedlings) to grow sam ngoc linh, which typically grows in high-altitude areas, to increase the efficiency of its cultivation and distribution. Also, to ensure the stable cultivation of sam ngoc linh (which must be grown in open fields for many years), an ICT-based control system capable of controlling variables related to the outside environment will be developed and installed. Sam ngoc linh, which grows only in areas at altitudes between 1,200 and 1,800 meters, is known for having a higher saponin content than Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng). Due to theft and damages caused by pests and wild animals during cultivation, the harvest rate of six-year-old ginseng is barely 20 to 30 percent. Therefore, seedlings will be cultivated in a closed-system vertical farm created with HanaroFarm's smart farm technology, which is expected to increase the harvest rate.

With the cooperation of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Quy Nhon University, and Thu Dau Mot University, HanaroFarm will be conducting research on changes in the cultivation environment of sam ngoc linh, relationship between sam ngoc linh's active ingredients and genes, and changes in active ingredients based on cultivation period.

HanaroFarm CEO Jae-wook Kim said, "We will be expanding our business into Southeast Asia by not only developing a high-value-added urban farming system for the production of items such as food, pharmaceuticals, and even cosmetics but also utilizing IT to establish an educational platform on agriculture."

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