Hanwoo Board to Organize a Series of Promotional Events to Promote Hanwoo - Korean Beef

Hanwoo, the Korean Beef Ranks the Most Desirable Gift for Korean Holiday Seasons
Hallyu Stars - including K-Pop Idols Also Express their Gratitude with Hanwoo, Cementing its Status as a Prestige Gift
Hanwoo Board
2019-08-05 09:00 1645

HONG KONG, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  Hanwoo Board plans to further solidify the positive image and reputation of premium Hanwoo by organizing a series of promotional events, including the Restaurant & Bar Fair in Hong Kong from 3-5 September, and a special invitational for key potential buyers in Hong Kong during 23-28 September.

Hanwoo Gifts
Hanwoo Gifts

Hanwoo is well on the way to earning its place among the stars of the hallyu (Korean Wave) universe thanks to the affections of high-profile hallyu celebrities, who have used gifts of Hanwoo as expressions of their love and gratitude for their fans. The enthusiastic love shown by K-pop stars for Hanwoo has elevated its prestige status and well-deserved high profile.

According to the news reports, a recent series of public events has featured adored Korean hallyu stars showing their love for premium Hanwoo. They have been praised for their good deed of presenting birthday gifts of Hanwoo to children with leukemia. They demonstrated the value of sharing by generously donating top quality Hanwoo to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

Another top notch global idol star sent gifts of Grade 1++ Hanwoo, along with a hand-signed copy of his album, to 39 childcare facilities on his birthday to express his gratitude. In this case it was a carefully chosen gift selected for the children.

Such is the value placed upon offering Hanwoo as a token of respect and gratitude that it has become a popular and widely practiced aspect of Korean culture. This is underscored by the fact that fine grade Hanwoo is one of the top-selling gifts during holiday seasons such as New Year's or the Chuseok thanksgiving holiday.

In fact, a survey conducted by Lotte's L.POINT membership service earlier this year found gift certificates to be the most desirable gift for New Year's Day among Koreans, with Hanwoo ranking close behind in second place.

A separate survey conducted by Gallup Korea in 2018 also found Hanwoo to be the second most desirable gift, after fruit baskets. Notably, Hanwoo ranked as the No.1 gift among economically affluent consumers in their 40s due to its premium quality and corresponding high price.

It is against this backdrop that hallyu superstars have been selecting Hanwoo as an expression of their sincerity in keeping their promise to their fans, and as a sign of cherishing the recipients as precious people. And credit can also be given to the dedicated love of these hallyu celebrities for Hanwoo that positive growth has been recorded in exports of Hanwoo, despite the unstable global economy.

"Giving and receiving Hanwoo as a gift is considered an expression of the utmost esteem and respect in Korea," said a Hanwoo Board official. "The high value and premium image of Hanwoo, thanks to the good deeds of Korean hallyu stars, has further enhanced the presence of Hanwoo in the global markets."

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