High appearance German black technology, Gaabor realizes home healthy cooking

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the best-selling household appliance brand Gaabor entered the Southeast Asian market, its popular product series Gaabor air fryer has been favored by many consumers for its good performance and elegant appearance. Recently, Gaabor launched a new upgraded version of the air fryer GA-M4D series in the Indonesian market, which has been widely praised.

Anake Engelke, product manager of Gaabor, said: "Since its development, Gaabor air fryer has adhered to the German gene of the brand, adhered to the product concept of quality priority and strict process, and the powerful lampblack free cooking technology has brought wonderful experience to many users, making this product popular on many online platforms in Southeast Asia".

Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series
Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series

Healthy cooking without nutrient loss

Gaabor has been committed to valuable technology upgrading for a long time, and believes that only technology can bring a better life experience. From the Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot double circulation system of the first generation of Gaabor air fryers to the Dual Circo double circulation pressure fan system of the new GA-M4D series of air fryers launched this year, Gaabor has made continuous breakthroughs in the field of cooking technology.

The latest technology, Dual Circo double circulation pressure fan system, is a major breakthrough in the field of air fryer. It can realize efficient degreasing, fast freshness locking and other functions under the 360° circular rotary frying mode. It can not only ensure the delicious taste, but also retain the nutrition of the food. Gaabor, provides users with a healthy and wonderful cooking experience.

Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series
Gaabor air fryer GA-M4D series

High appearance German black technology

In addition to the advanced operating system, Gaabor's German ingenuity quality concept has continued in all aspects of the product.

The GA-M4D series of Gaabor air fryers have five color bodies, creating a fine matte texture, elegant and luxurious, comfortable to touch, and upgrading the original ordinary cooking process to an artistic enjoyment.

At the same time, the water drop shaped holder of the ice transparent micro bead light color system is designed with a 10 degree tilt angle, which makes the grip feel comfortable; on the golden 15 degree angle slightly inclined operation panel, double knobs are set for precise temperature regulation and timing; in addition, 8 cooking menus are included with the machine, so that users can enjoy delicious easily.

Gaabor, driven by the demand of "Generation Z", focuses on the R&D and production of high-quality household appliances and provides users with German quality products.

Gaabor, love in freshness.

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