Hitachi Elevator launches next-generation highly personalized products at a recent gathering held in Guangzhou

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 10, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. ("Hitachi Elevator") hosted a gathering in Guangzhou where the main topic of the conversation was devoted to creating value with innovation and building a future with intelligence. During the event, Hitachi Elevator rolled out its lineup of next-generation products, technologies and solutions inspired by its new concept of taking a people-centric approach to highly personalized designs enhanced by innovative technologies.




Hitachi Elevator launches next-generation highly personalized products at a recent gathering held in Guangzhou
Hitachi Elevator launches next-generation highly personalized products at a recent gathering held in Guangzhou

Taking a people-centric approach to addressing diversified market needs

Since the 1990s, Hitachi Elevator has abided by a development strategy that prioritizes the people who ride elevators and their experience when riding in an elevator, by combining the company's insights into preferences for personal mobility with the expectations of the Chinese elevator and escalator market. As the market continues to grow rapidly with increasingly diversified needs, Hitachi Elevator decided to leverage a platform-based approach through which products are designed in response to the differing demands of each building's occupants.

With the continued urbanization of China, concerns around the issue of the insertion of elevators into the country's older buildings have continued to grow. In response, Hitachi Elevator introduced the modular elevator solution LGE-E, which is specifically designed to address the challenges when it comes to installing elevators in China's ageing housing stock, including a complicated application process, difficulties in design and construction in tandem with a lack of efficient property management. The company also established a wholly-owned subsidiary that has been approved to provide building engineering and construction as well as steel construction services in China. The new company is committed to providing building occupants with easy-to-navigate and secure integrated elevator installation solutions and services.

To solve the elevator management problems due to many property management offices in older communities lacking the necessary knowledge and skills, Hitachi Elevator launched a managed service based on its big data maintenance system, with the goal of establishing a connection between users, the company's big data system, maintenance stations and accessories centers with the help of IoT technology.

Technical upgrade and maintenance for Hitachi's highly personalized designs

Hitachi Elevator also introduced the technical upgrade for highly personalized products at the gathering, including pit flood operation, a new generation of multi-beam protection, intelligent in-elevator AI cameras, prevention of bypass function at night for security, fault-tolerant for operating systems, alerting system when pet is present in car and a regenerative energy feedback system to create a safe, comfortable and passenger-friendly riding environment for passengers.

For example, the upgraded new generation of multi-beam curtains further shortens the response time to occlusion signals with the industry's leading 189 beams, to prevent accidental closing of doors on passengers. In addition, the new light curtains can automatically identify a single point obscured by dust or other small foreign object and intelligently override it to ensure normal operation of elevators and reduction of invalid stops.

To assist in preventing any further spread of COVID-19, Hitachi Elevator installed antibacterial buttons, air purification systems, intelligent ultraviolet sterilization systems, no contact elevators as well as elevator calling systems using voice commands and gestures, to eliminate to the greatest extent possible the risk of a passenger becoming infected while riding an elevator.

After gaining a deep insight into rider expectations, Hitachi Elevator first applied the highly personalized products and solutions to the next-generation HGE elevators. HGE is a classic model of Hitachi Elevator with more than 150,000 HGE elevators having been sold and installed since the product line was first launched. The next-generation HGE elevators that debuted at the gathering have been upgraded by integrating humanized design concepts and technologies, further enhancing the experience for elevator riders.

BIVALE intelligent building system enables integrated management

Hitachi Elevator also showcased BIVALE, an integrated building management system. Empowered by 5G and AI, the BIVALE system extends Hitachi's lineup of elevator services to services throughout the building, including environmental monitoring as well as visitor and attendance systems, all of which are unified on the cloud platform. The system can not only achieve data interconnection with the elevators, but also enable the integrated management of all equipment throughout a building.

From elevators to building management, general manager of Hitachi Elevator's business headquarters Li Feng said at the gathering that the firm relies on core technologies while paying attention to people's needs, in a move to provide a more personalized environment for riders.

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Source: Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.