Hitachi Elevator Secures Bid for the First Phase of Line S2 of the Wenzhou City Rail Line

WENZHOU, China, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 28, Hitachi Elevator won the bid to provide 155 elevators for the first phase of Line S2 of the Wenzhou city railway project. The bid includes the supply of 42 elevators and 113 escalators.

The first phase of Line S2 covers a distance of 63.63 kilometers, from Xiatang Station in Yueqing to Renmin Road Station in Ruian. The rail line that is projected to be complete and open to traffic in 2022 has a total of 18 stations.  The designed speed of Line S2 is 140 km/h, a significant increase in the operating speed compared with ordinary subway lines (with a designed speed of 60-80 km/h) and Line S1 (with a designed speed of 80-120 km/h). It takes about one hour to cover the total length, implying it takes only one hour to travel from Yueqing to Ruian.

Line S1 of Wenzhou city railway
Line S1 of Wenzhou city railway

The city railway is a new form of passenger transportation somewhere between intercity railway and city rail. The National Development and Reform Commission has chosen Wenzhou as a pilot city for city railway construction as it  provides fast, large-capacity public transportation services between the central city and new cities, while ensuring  connectivity between the main national railway lines.

Hitachi Elevator boasts of over 20 years of stable operation in rail transportation projects in China and has so far provided more than 10,000 elevator products in 23 subway projects throughout the country. Working with Line S1 and Line S2 of the innovative Wenzhou city railway transportation project, Hitachi Elevator has supplied 365 elevator products and services, providing Wenzhou city railway construction with "Smart+" products and services, and advancing the digitalization and intelligent development of city rail transportation.


Source: Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.