HOME+ "Instant Delivery" Disrupts e-Shopping Market with 100-Minute Guaranteed Delivery

FoodWise as first merchant partner for HOME+ "Instant Delivery"
2021-01-26 10:28 893

HONG KONG, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Speed – in addition to convenience – is more important than ever when it comes to online shopping. Newly launched e-shopping platform, HOME+, today announced HOME+ "Instant Delivery", a brand-new instant delivery service debuting on February 8, which pledges 100-minute fast delivery in Hong Kong^ for orders of HK$300 or above made on designated web sections. As part of its guarantee to customers, when deliveries fail to arrive within 100 minutes, customers will be reimbursed with HK$10 worth of HOME+ Points for every minute delayed (up to a maximum of HK$100 worth of HOME+ Points). And for more flexibility, customers can opt to have their purchases delivered between 5pm to 8pm on the same day.

The first merchant to benefit from HOME+ "Instant Delivery" and be featured on a dedicated "Instant Delivery" section on HOME+ website, FoodWise offers over 1,000 quality products including premium frozen meats and seafood, lifestyle goods, festive products, as well as a wonderful selection of wines, champagnes and liquors. Just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations, HOME+ accepts orders all through Chinese New Year, so that customers can make online purchases on New Year's Day from the comfort of home and still enjoy the same 100-minute fast delivery, making preparations for feasts and gifts an absolute breeze.

William Yeung, Executive Chairman of HOME+ said, "Further to exempting our merchants from slotting and annual fees, HOME+ is again disrupting the e-commerce market in Hong Kong. No more empty, lip-service delivery promises – our 100-minute delivery pledge comes with a compensation guarantee for late deliveries, just the way e-commerce should be today! We'll continue to optimise our operations and utilise our robust partnership network to make HOME+ one of the best online shopping platforms there is."

FoodWise said, "FoodWise is founded upon our promise to deliver a quality, O2O shopping experience to customers, blending exemplary services with a choice of premium food products from around the world. Our collaboration with HOME+ will help to take our business to the next level, and deliver more diverse and compelling shopping options for Hong Kong's customers."

Adopting revenue share rather than charging slotting fees and annual fees, the HOME+ shared economy platform welcomes merchants of all types and sizes (including small businesses and social enterprises), realising more cost-effective reach of online/offline customers on a massive scale – and translating into cost savings for e-shoppers. HOME+ has seen rapid growth in the 2 months since its launch, and now features 7,000 products (up from 3,000 at launch) from 400 merchants. These numbers are expected to grow exponentially further into the year.

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^Excluding Tung Chung, outlying islands and remote areas. HOME+ "Instant Delivery" service hours: 12pm8pm. For details, please refer to HOME+ website from 8 Feb 2021.

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