HUAWEI CLOUD Accelerates Enterprises Digital Transformation in APAC

Ecosystems continue to expand for robust support to clients and partners

SINGAPORE, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei APAC Enterprise Digitalization Summit has fruitfully concluded, with HUAWEI CLOUD renewing its support to enterprises in the Asia Pacific region to embrace the inevitable digital transformation.

Themed "Digital Transformation Leading to Adaptive Enterprises", the Summit has inspired businesses in the region to revisit their strategies to leverage technological resources to grasp the tremendous economic potential amid the changes.

According to IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, in 2019, a total of US$380 billion was spent on technologies and services intended to promote digital transformation of business practices, products, and organizations in the Asia Pacific region alone, with an annual growth of 17.4% by 2022. This has represented a vast business opportunity, where early adapters could benefit with a head-start.

To ensure a smooth course of this transformation, enterprises must be resilient and adaptive to the technological challenges, IDC Group Vice President Sandra Ng commented. She also introduced a new business agenda for top management of companies in the region, namely, the need to build reliable IT infrastructure, reassessment of customer experience, and the capabilities to work with new technologies and intelligence, as redefining roles in the new digital economy.

"Critical infrastructure including digital/IT and network infrastructure is highlighted as one of the CEOs' new business agenda items as organizations accelerate their recovery journey and prepare themselves to compete in the next normal," said Ng.

Therefore, HUAWEI CLOUD is reinforcing its strategies -- on the technical front through its top-notch full-stack AI solutions, as well as for the establishment of a healthy ecosystem -- to provide the best services and support to customers and partners across the region.  

"HUAWEI CLOUD's full-stack AI solutions have been applied to core production systems to accelerate large-scale AI implementation in every industry," said Edward Deng, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei's Cloud & AI BG. "The solutions offer a perfect pathway for the cloud transformation of large enterprises."

The transformation has indeed become more apparent since the pandemic outbreak in early 2020. Deng believed cloud services -- hybrid cloud, in particular -- are gaining importance in streamlining procedure and proving agile response during the process. As confirmed by IDC, HUAWEI CLOUD ranked third in the Asia-Pacific hybrid cloud market and became the major cloud service in the region.

Collaboration is important for cloud services to sustainably develop. There are 3 million users and developers working with HUAWEI CLOUD, which provides over 190 solutions tailored to different industries. More than 3,500 products are available in company's cloud marketplace, benefiting over three million developers and businesses. There are also some 10,000 consulting partners and 2,000 technology partners across the globe.

Among the successful clients and partners is Malaysian Conglomerate Sunway Group, as its Chief Information Officer Kevin Khoo explained: "Cloud is a core part of our strategy at Sunway, and we expect that Huawei will help us advance this strategy to the next level."

HUAWEI CLOUD is ready to further support partners and clients through the establishment of solid ecosystems.

"Together with our partners, HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to building a robust ecosystem for shared success," said Deng, who expects his team will bring more supports for clients and partners in the region.

Looking ahead, Deng believes digital transformation will lead to the convergence of 5G, cloud, and AI technologies. With the fundamental connectivity supported by cloud, 5G and more, the development of new technologies and applications is driven by AI, ultimately leading to an unimaginable territory of technological advancement.

The Summit has brought industry pioneers and thought leaders in the Asia Pacific region together, and discussed discuss how ICT technologies can help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and better adapt to changes in the external business environment. Renowned experts, clients and partners have shared their unique experiences and insights on how enterprises can fully utilize 5G, AI, cloud, and enterprises networks to embrace the unstoppable trend of digital transformation.

Source: Huawei