HUAWEI CLOUD Listed in Top 4 in the Latin America Public Cloud Market

MEXICO CITY, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, HUAWEI CLOUD was named one of the Top 4 cloud service providers and was described as the fastest growing cloud service provider in Latin America, according to the Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure Services Market Q4 2020 report released by Canalys.

In 2019, HUAWEI CLOUD was launched in Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. Currently, HUAWEI CLOUD is the cloud service provider with the most nodes in Latin America, where they are committed to providing reliable, secure, and innovative cloud services for local government and enterprise customers and partners. Together with local partners, HUAWEI CLOUD is driving digital transformation in retail, logistics, education, finance, energy, Internet, health care, and more.

In the retail sector, HUAWEI CLOUD is helping transform some of the top retailers in Latin America, streamlining online and offline processes, supporting smart business transformation, and setting new benchmarks for the digital transformation of the entire sector.

For logistics, HUAWEI CLOUD has helped some of the top logistics companies in the region integrate SAP HANA ICT infrastructure, simplifying processes, ensuring high availability, improving user experience, and reducing OPEX.

In the finance sector, HUAWEI CLOUD supports agile development and transformation for local top banks, helping them create innovative mobile services and iterate faster.

Huawei also helped the healthcare companies deploy a new AI-assisted COVID-19 screening system to help them respond faster to the epidemic.

HUAWEI CLOUD has always been devoted to technological innovation and increasing investment in Latin America. In 2020, HUAWEI CLOUD released 27 new services in five categories, including AI training and inference services, the data enablement service DAYU, the high-speed digital connectivity service Cloud Connect.

As of December 2020, HUAWEI CLOUD and partners had deployed 45 AZs in 23 regions around the world and had launched more than 220 cloud services and more than 210 solutions. In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD will remain dedicated to technological innovation, making the benefits of digital technologies available to everyone, empowering applications, harnessing the value of data, and building the "fertile soil" for the intelligent world.