HUAWEI CLOUD Named a Leader in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- HUAWEI CLOUD was listed in the Leaders segment based on its scores in current offering and strategy, according to The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in China, Q4 2020 report.

HUAWEI CLOUD is "an ideal choice for firms that have complex deployment scenarios across cloud, on-premises, and edge", Forrester summarized, after its thorough evaluation of the Chinese predictive analytics and machine learning vendors in terms of current offering, strategy, and market presence.  

According to the Forrester Report:

"Huawei Cloud provides full-stack PAML services. After our 2018 Forrester Wave evaluation, Huawei aggressively upgraded its PAML services... Huawei Cloud provides not only ModelArts for ML model training and inferencing, but also MindSpore, an open source deep learning framework with Ascend.

Huawei Cloud's model development and deployment experiences are consistent across cloud and edge devices...

Reference customers praise ModelArts' intelligent labeling, which helped them greatly reduce the need for human labor. ModelArts has user-friendly model validation and explanation features to help developers evaluate and diagnose the performance and robustness of candidate models; it also supports model compression to improve inferencing performance on Huawei Cloud's edge devices."

HUAWEI CLOUD has been long engaged in AI research, mainly into computer vision, language & speech, and decision-making optimization. They have also proposed six research programs: high-performance modeling, light-weighted modeling, data magic cube, data iceberg, generic vision, and V-R integration. The research findings have been gradually integrated into ModelArts as plug-and-play functions.

In 2020, HUAWEI CLOUD released ModelArts 3.0, a one-stop AI development platform that combines EI-backbone, federated learning, intelligent evaluation & diagnosis, and high-performance computing, for accelerating AI implementation in a range of industries.

HUAWEI CLOUD is striving to become the best platform for building applications. By September 2020, they had released over 210 cloud services and over 210 solutions and had gathered 1.5 million developers around the world.