HUAWEI CLOUD Stack: Empowering Governments and Enterprises

SHENZHEN, China, May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- HUAWEI CLOUD launched the new HUAWEI CLOUD Stack product as one of its efforts to boost their presence in the government and enterprise market. HUAWEI CLOUD Stack provides cloud services in local data centers of governments and enterprises.

As governments and enterprises go through the process of intelligent upgrade, HUAWEI CLOUD has been investing heavily in the government and enterprise market, striving to become the first choice for government and enterprise organizations undertaking this difficult challenge.

Mr. Zheng Yelai, Vice President of Huawei and President of the HUAWEI CLOUD, said, "In this age of new infrastructure, computing power has become a new source of productivity, data are the new raw materials; cloud, AI, and 5G are the new tools of production, and a new digital infrastructure is injecting momentum into the digital transformation. Cloud services are the only way forward for smart upgrade of government and enterprise organizations. Leveraging a wealth of experience in the industry, along with their experience with digital transformation, HUAWEI CLOUD has released the HUAWEI CLOUD Stack, aiming to accelerate digitalization and intelligent upgrade of government and enterprise organizations alike."

Mr. Zheng Yelai launching the HUAWEI CLOUD Stack for the government and enterprise
Mr. Zheng Yelai launching the HUAWEI CLOUD Stack for the government and enterprise

Currently, there are four major challenges facing organizations wishing to move forward with intelligent upgrade. First, traditional IT services are insufficient and evolve too slowly. Organizations need to quickly acquire cloud service capabilities and innovate faster. Second, organizations need widespread access to applications available in an open ecosystem. Third, how can data be deployed locally for enhanced security in order to better meet management and compliance requirements? And finally, how can they gain rapid access to professional O&M?

HUAWEI CLOUD, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack (HCS), and HUAWEI CLOUD Edge Computing use the single Optimus hardware-software synergy architecture and can cover all cloud-edge-device scenarios. HUAWEI CLOUD Stack has been fully upgraded to meet key requirements of government and enterprise customers for intelligent upgrade.

Instant access to cloud services and marketplace applications

Lv Yangming, President of the HUAWEI CLOUD Hybrid Cloud, explained that, based on the unified Optimus hardware-software synergy architecture, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack and HUAWEI CLOUD provide the same APIs that make it possible to let government and enterprise customers use cloud services in their local data centers. More than 70 cloud services from HUAWEI CLOUD, such as AI, big data, IoT, and blockchain services, can be used in just a few clicks if required. To meet the operational needs of customers, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched a remote hosting program, a remote service support program, and a local service support program. These programs allow customers to stay focused on innovation. After obtaining authorization from the customer, Huawei provides support wherever it's needed. All operations are visible, monitorable, manageable, and controllable.

HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace provides a new hybrid cloud zone where customers can obtain a large number of high-quality industry applications with a click of the mouse. Partners from various industries are also welcome to join up and build this hybrid cloud zone into a rich, prosperous cloud ecosystem.

A single cloud where data and applications are centrally managed

HCS provides three main capabilities: unified management, data governance, and application enablement.

Thanks to federated cloud technology, customers can have refined management of cross-cloud resource pools and obtain the industry's unique multi-level O&M capabilities. Through refined rights- and domain-based management, they can control resource access by region, department, and application.

Based on Huawei's successful practices in data governance, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack allows enterprises to build enterprise data platforms and maximize the value of every byte of data. Customers can use FusionInsight to create intelligent data lakes and use DAYU and ModelArts for one-stop data governance. HUAWEI CLOUD ROMA allows enterprises to integrate multiple types of applications and data for full-lifecycle digital asset governance. It is fully open to partners and developers who wish to run applications on a single, unified network.

Ready to use out of the box

HUAWEI CLOUD Stack is delivered in integrated cabinets where hardware, cables, and cloud service software come preinstalled. After the equipment arrives, customers need less than 24 hours to commission and roll out services.

Encrypted data for higher security

HUAWEI CLOUD provides intelligent encryption cards for on-demand encryption for scenarios such as big data, data warehouses, and block storage. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD connects with third-party key systems to implement independent key management and control. Your data is under your control.

In order to accelerate digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of government and enterprise organizations, Xiao Yi, HUAWEI CLOUD and Computing CTO for China Region, officially launched the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Hybrid Cloud Partner Program, inviting partners to release applications in the hybrid cloud zone. HUAWEI CLOUD will also provide consulting services and solutions, including top-level design support for digital transformation, enterprise cloudification consulting, data governance consulting, and AI solutions.

In Gartner's report "Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2019", HUAWEI CLOUD was ranked the third in the IaaS market in China and the sixth internationally, with a growth rate of 222.2%, the fastest in the world.

In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to leverage the synergistic advantages of combining cloud, AI, and 5G and the full-stack technology innovation to provide stable, secure, and sustainable cloud services, attempting to empower applications, explore the value of data, and cultivate fertile soil for an intelligent world. HUAWEI CLOUD will also work with partners to spare no effort to accelerate digital transformation and intelligent upgrade in every industry.

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