HungryPanda is Leading the Way in Advancing Food Delivery Solutions for APAC

2024-03-28 07:00 2570

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HungryPanda, the world's leading overseas Asian food delivery platform hosted the 2024 Golden Panda Award Gala on Friday March 1 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in London, UK.

The 'Golden Panda Award' is a symbol of excellence in the global overseas Chinese food industry, setting the highest standard for culinary achievement. It stands as the world's exclusive international honour specifically dedicated to recognizing restaurant businesses in the food delivery sector; it also serves as a tribute to the relentless dedication of our food delivery riders.

"Our commitment to promoting and celebrating outstanding achievements in international Asian cuisine is embodied by the 'Golden Panda Award'," said Kelu Liu, CEO of HungryPanda. "We are deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support from our esteemed speakers, attendees and especially our restaurant merchants and delivery riders, who are the driving force behind HungryPanda's success.

This year's gala marked the first following HungryPanda's visual rebrand, transitioning from its traditional blue and white colour scheme to the highly visible combination of yellow and black. This strategic decision, informed by expert consultation and detailed studies on transportation safety, aims to enhance the visibility and safety of our delivery riders, especially during nighttime operations.

The gala, previously held in Melbourne, set a new benchmark for excellence in Chinese food delivery on a global scale. With Melbourne and London serving as culinary powerhouses in their respective regions, they provided the perfect backdrop to honour individuals shaping the Chinese food industry and delivery landscape.

Amidst the celebration of culinary excellence, the gala also served as a platform to elevate the delivery rider experience. Insights were shared on implementing "Rider Stations" in the busiest areas of each city HungryPanda serves, providing fresh food, water, and first-aid to riders. Additionally, conversations revolved around improving legislation for delivery riders in various regions, aiming to enhance their working conditions and safety.

This year, 247 HungryPanda merchants worldwide received the esteemed Golden Panda Award honour, 48 of which are located across, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

The event fostered a collaborative environment, emphasizing the importance of experiencing authentic Asian cuisine beyond its borders. Participants engaged in discussions centered around themes of home and pride, highlighting the cultural significance of Asian culinary traditions and the pride associated with sharing these traditions globally.

Beyond the recognition of restaurant merchants, users and delivery riders, the gala serves as a summit for the global food delivery industry, offering industry insights, trends and predictions aimed at expanding the Asian food market scale, advancing the commercialization processes and setting a global and ethical benchmark within the Asian food delivery industry.

HungryPanda's online ordering platform provides a tailored user experience to Asian users living and traveling abroad, bridging cultural and language barriers. Additionally, it empowers Asian restaurants to connect with the right customers and provide efficient delivery services. For more information please visit or follow HungryPanda on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. 


About HungryPanda
Founded in 2017, HungryPanda is currently the largest overseas Asian food delivery platform and the only food delivery platform to rank in Deloitte's 2021 UK Technology Fast 50. Starting in Nottingham, U.K., HungryPanda has expanded to more than 80 cities in 10 countries: the U.K., France, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Currently, HungryPanda works with over 40,000 riders, 60,000 merchants and serves over 3.5 million users worldwide. This year, HungryPanda sets sights on $1 billion in gross transaction volume. For more information visit


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