ILIFE launches Super Brand Day campaign, offering unprecedented discounts

2019-09-20 14:35 1574

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 21, ILIFE will join hands with AliExpress to launch the second Super Brand Day campaign, which will last from September 21 to September 29. Many best-selling products including V7s Plus, V3s Pro and A4s will be offered at steep discounts.

In recent years, given the general trend in how the consumption of goods and services is being transformed, consumers worldwide are adopting a more intelligent lifestyle. The market penetration of smart home products including, for example, sweeping robots, has gradually increased. AliExpress, one of the world's largest retail platforms, has played a significant role in driving this process forward, and has co-created a variety of branded events such as Super Brand Day, eliciting favorable feedback from shoppers. As a sweeping robot brand which has launched the Super Brand Day campaign twice, ILIFE has built a good reputation coupled with excellent sales performance worldwide and was listed among the AliExpress Top 10 Brands for 2017-2018.

With the pursuit of a better life, ILIFE, a product-driven company, has long been committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality and cutting-edge intelligent cleaning products based on the expectations of users. ILIFE has launched several popular products suitable for different needs, including W400, the world's first intelligent floor washing robot. Super Brand Day will provide an excellent platform for ILIFE to connect with more consumers looking for intelligent cleaning products that will make maintenance of their home less of a chore and more of something to look forward to. Many of ILIFE's products will be offered at significant discounts. V3s Pro, which has proven popular with shoppers from the day it was rolled out, will be sold at an astonishing promotional price of US$99.99. Many shopping coupons will be available. Shoppers who place orders during the campaign will enjoy an additional one year warranty.

With the rise of smart home products, a growing number of families have begun to learn about and use sweeping robots. ILIFE plans to also collaborate with leading retail platforms including AliExpress to explore new ways of shopping and introduce cutting-edge technologies and products to consumers, allowing them to embrace a more convenient and intelligent lifestyle.

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Source: ILIFE