ILIFE Promotes on 12.12 Shopping Day

Promotion on Best-Selling Robotic Vacuums from Dec.12 to Dec.14
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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --ILIFE, a leading robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer, announces 12.12 Special Offer from Dec. 12 to Dec. 14, offering discounts on top-selling models, including V58, V8s, V7s Plus and W400.

ILIFE’s Final Promotion of the Year on LAZADA
ILIFE’s Final Promotion of the Year on LAZADA

ILIFE V58 on LAZADA – ILIFE's most cost-effective model to handle cleaning tasks on hard floors and thin carpets. With the 8.1cm ultra-thin body, ILIFE V58 catches dust hidden under furniture and at hard-to-reach areas.


ILIFE V8s on LAZADA – A 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping robot equipped with i-Dropping water tank, V8s has precise control over the amount of water dispensed for mopping, preventing floor and cable damage. Vacuuming tasks can be activated after replacing the water tank with the dustbin. Guided by a smart cleaning path planning system and equipped with large nosewheels and smart sensors, V8s achieves maximum coverage while scooting around smoothly without bumping into obstacles or falling down steps.


ILIFE V7s Plus on LAZADA – ILIFE V7s Plus vacuums and mops simultaneously, being convenient for thorough cleaning at one time. The floating roller brush and anti-tangle suction mouth provide deep cleaning on hard floors and carpets. V7s Plus starts cleaning automatically according to the schedule, being anti-collision and anti-fall with OBS all terrain detection system.


ILIFE W400 on LAZADA – Shinebot W400 features a patented 4-step TidalPower cleaning system to target stubborn stains that most mopping robots can't handle. Its large water tank with separated clean and waste water chamber prevents waste water overflow and secondary pollution.


Over the past decade, ILIFE robot has helped millions of families over 30 countries to create a clean living environment. As one of the leading manufacturers in the global intelligent cleaning industry, ILIFE is committed to developing products that make home cleaning easier, safer and more intelligent.

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