Infinitus Launches New Herbal Health Food Brand Oriherb at Celebration of Its 30th Anniversary

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On the evening of December 8, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Infinitus China" or "the Company") hosted the celebration of its 30th anniversary in the form of a live broadcast. Nearly 1.7 million people watched the online event, which was attended by Sammy Lee, Chairman of LKK Health Products Group (LKKHPG) and Chairman of Infinitus China, Lam Yu, CEO of Infinitus Global and Vice Chairman of Infinitus China, members of the Company's core management team, marketing partners, employees, distributor representatives, and guests from all walks of life.

Infinitus announces updated mission at its 30th anniversary ceremony
Infinitus announces updated mission at its 30th anniversary ceremony

Sammy Lee revealed the Company's new vision during the conference: to advocate the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions and foster a happier, healthier lifestyle for all. He stated, "The world is incredibly challenging right now, nevertheless with change comes new opportunities. Heightened attention being paid to personal health and wellbeing, newfound interest in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Chinese wellness traditions, as well as a growing need for entrepreneurial opportunities and new ways to make money, are all trends that are on the increase in the post-pandemic era. In order to create greater value for more people in the future, we must adapt to the times and search for improvement. As a first step, we must restate our goal."

New brand Oriherb unveiled

The updated mission has led to new requirements for the Company's brands and products. At the celebration, Infinitus unveiled its new brand - Oriherb, which takes its name from Infinitus' unique health concept - Nourish from Within - Get a Healthy Life. Oriherb will move Infinitus' vision for the future forward by way of a modern approach to ancient wisdom through the application of the 3 Restorations - Optimizing Qi (vital energy), Balancing Yin and Yang, and Regulating Zangfu (the internal organs), combined with the 4 Habits - diet, rest, exercise, and emotion, as the path to maintaining and enhancing health. Infinitus will devote more effort to playing to its strengths, launching more herbal health products, and building Oriherb into a leading Chinese herbal health food brand that can best represent the company and convey the company's vision.

Wang Xinlu, one of the foremost TCM experts in China and chief health science expert at the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, attended the event as a special guest. He said, "A company providing Chinese herbal health products must have its own health philosophy, and make clear its views and beliefs on health, so as to enable consumers to better understand and use its products and services. Infinitus' health concept has captured the spirit at the core of TCM health science, and so does Oriherb."

Moving Far Away from the 30th Year - this was the theme that Mr. Yu, the Infinitus Global CEO, shared at the celebration. He noted, "We're in the midst of a growing demand for counseling services at a time when the social sharing that is essential to a good life, health and happiness is more vital than ever. The stated mission serves as a new starting point for us to aggressively improve the quality of our products, upgrade our brand image, build new capabilities for online and offline integration, and enhance the professionalism of our business team, allowing us to have better insight into what lies ahead and take advantage of greater development opportunities."

Emboldened by the new mission, the 30-year-old company is taking the lead by watching evolving trends and consolidating its leadership position in the market as it embarks on a new journey of promoting the benefits of Chinese health culture.

Source: Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.