Intelligent WIFI authentication and Smart Multi-factor Authentication Platform launched by AirCUVE

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AirCUVE provides powerful identity verification solutions to the global market to prevent security incidents.

AirCUVE is renowned for powerful and intelligent WIFI wireless authentication solutions and has been providing specialized solutions for network access authentication to the global market for the last 17 years. AirCUVE AirFRONT is the solution that provides security with wireless authentication. The solution has already been provided to global market including the public, military, finance, corporate, education, telecommunications and other industriesSecurely identifying users is no longer an option for most, AirFRONT provides simple but strong authentication solution.

AirCUVE will soon to release SaaS product which combines wired/wireless security authentication solutions with an IoT security function. As the IoT market is expected to grow, AirCUVE is focused on providing solutions. Most IoT hacking cases occur not because of the weakness of the product itself but occur because of weakness of open network connection that leads to security incidents. Various users like employees, visitors, and subcontractors and various forms of work environments such as departments managing sensitive information and IT/server manager, it is necessary to have subdivided policies that adequately protect inter-office information.

AirCUVE V-FRONT is a powerful Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) tool, that provides various and simple authentication methods. It supports business by applying adequate authentication tokens, utilizing SMS, e-mail, mobile OTP, HW token (card type), QR codes, push notifications in apps, YubiKey and fingerprints. The solution provides a better environment for users to manage personal information and authentication.

AirCUVE a specialized authentication software development company, possesses thousands of various references over 17 years and innovative solutions have been provided to banks (DBP Bank), telecoms (Eastern Telecon) and airlines (Philippine Air Line) across Southeast Asia, China, Japan and the US. Every year demand for AirCUVE's various authentication products increases.

General Manager of overseas division, GS AHN, EVP of AirCUVE, emphasizes the following, "As implementation of personal information protections has tightened up worldwide, it stresses the importance of network access authentication in government agencies, corporations, education and research institutes. AirCUVE is ready to occupy its position as a major player in WIFI access and multi-factor authentication field and aggressively plans to expand its business to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japanese markets."

Source: AirCUVE