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TORONTO, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- B.WinA aka, BRENT WINTER's fascination with music and his global arts excursion led him from St. Croix, to Antigua, then, Miami. Choosing to pursue music professionally, Winter attended world renowned SAE Institute in Los Angeles, studying audio engineering and music production. His journey furthered him to Brazil, where he aligned with legendary, pioneer funk DJ producer and engineer, Carlos Machado, DJ Nazz (Girl From Ipanema Baile Funk Mix; Bass and Bossa Morro Project), who quickly became Winter's mentor. Through this process, Winter discovered his niche and began molding his own personal World Sound. "The first step to reality is to be a dreamer," said Machado, "Brent, is a musical dreamer, a special talent. I'm not surprised by the direction his music is taking him."

B.WinA - Brent Winter - "The Way" inaugural release - "Let's Strive To Make A Change" Photo credit: Garnet Grant.
B.WinA - Brent Winter - "The Way" inaugural release - "Let's Strive To Make A Change" Photo credit: Garnet Grant.

B.WinA's self-penned inaugural release, 'THE WAY' is a timely relevant expression with powerful messaged lyrics focusing on youth, families, core value systems and understanding such. Based on personal experiences, 'THE WAY' is a reflection of Winter's life, poetically shared. "The song title is an acknowledgment of my journey, things I've witnessed, suffered through and participated in," said Winter. "The song was written during very trying times. 'THE WAY' became a realization that these situations, although my truths, are not exclusive to me. Everyone is walking through their own personal fire."

Produced by multi-Juno award winner, Charles 'Tower' Sinclair, with mixing and engineering by Jeffrey Holdip, 'THE WAY' was recorded, backwards to front emphasizing the last moments of emotional energy, first. "Sometimes when you walk backwards you see the world in a different light," said Sinclair. "Brent's passion dictated the process of recording; this is a story about his life; it's meaningful, and we wanted the entire track to resonate his passion consistently."

Winter's commanding vocal presence is wrapped in piano, violin and percussive sounds. 'THE WAY' takes hold and encourages the listener to, "..strive to make a change."

Making a difference with his music, every download of 'THE WAY' will feed 1 child through Mary's Meals, a multi-cultural, grassroots, global movement currently providing meals to over 1.4 million children a day, in over 18 of the world's poorest countries. "A lot of us talk about changing what we see - thinking is a start - it's not an action - let's see some doing." - B.WinA

'The Way' is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, Deezer, CD Baby, Spotify, as well as additional music and streaming platforms.

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