Introducing Chinese MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur: The Most "Tart" Unveiling in History

2023-11-28 11:34 1257

CHONGQING, China, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 29, MEIJIAN, the flagship brand in China's green plum liqueur industry, will hold the launch event of its most tart-tasting product in history.

It is understood that the unique flavor of MEIJIAN comes from the indigenous green plum of China, coupled with the time-honored brewing craftsmanship of producing light-aroma sorghum liquor.

Green Plum Liqueur with meals
Green Plum Liqueur with meals

Guided by the artisanal philosophy of "time from the heaven, energy from the earth, beauty from the materials, and skill from the worker", MEIJIAN seamlessly integrates the essence of the East and traditional culture, brewing a soulful Chinese flavor infused with the fragrance of plums.

Since its listing in 2019, MEIJIAN has gained immense popularity in 20 countries and regions. In April 2023, MEIJIAN, as the exclusive Chinese liquor brand, was the only one invited to showcase at the United Nations Chinese Language Day. In June 2022, it made an appearance at the Louvre Museum, and in December, it graced the Paris Téléthon charity dinner and had a delightful encounter with French cuisine, receiving collective acclaim from nearly a hundred Le Cordon Bleu master chefs who collectively saw it as the potential world's third-largest table wine.

Not long ago, MEIJIAN, renowned as a perfect table wine, made a dazzling appearance at the French Chefs Association's Diner de Chasse. Those who had the pleasure of savoring MEIJIAN found a unique touch of Oriental romance embodied in the liqueur. MEIJIAN skillfully translated and elegantly presented the cherished images of China held by everyone, allowing people to perceive the enchanting allure of traditional Chinese culture.

More importantly, MEIJIAN, with its harmonious blend of sweet and sour flavors, coupled with a remarkably versatile and inclusive taste profile, can pair with a wide array of global cuisines. Even the most discerning chefs of French cuisine admitted that the combination of MEIJIAN and French cuisine can offer rich taste layers and multiple charms. MEIJIAN can be used as table wine for main courses and desserts, as well as apéritif and after-dinner digestive liqueur.