Introducing HGC Marketplace: A New Online B2B ICT Shopping Platform

Corporate cloud solutions from DocuSign, Dropbox, Microsoft, Skykick, Symantec and other top ICT brands to be featured

HONG KONG, July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure, has recently launched HGC Marketplace, an online B2B ICT shopping platform. HGC Marketplace brings together a variety of cloud solutions, including workplace applications, file sharing and management, cloud security and more. With an array of options on one platform, corporate customers can easily purchase multiple cloud solutions anytime, anywhere. HGC Marketplace offers customers vital benefits in today's digital transformation era: flexible resource allocation, enhanced operational efficiency and better productivity.

Top ICT cloud solutions on a unified online shopping platform

HGC Marketplace offers a variety of ICT cloud solutions, all easily accessible on a single, unified platform. The solutions launched in the first stage are Dropbox for Business, Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft 365, and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, with more industry-leading solutions, such as DocuSign and Skykick Cloud Backup, to come.

HGC makes the customer experience a top priority. As such, HGC Marketplace provides a one-stop online shopping service that enables corporate customers to find and purchase cloud solutions anytime, anywhere, and to allocate their resources in a more flexible way.

The main advantages of HGC Marketplace are:

  • A unified online shopping platform: With one account, customers can find and purchase a variety of cloud solutions from a variety of suppliers globally. It is easy, convenient and time-saving.
  • Easy user management: Customers can manage multiple authorised users of different cloud solutions through the platform, minimising the processes involved.
  • Speedy implementation: Cloud solutions are deployed automatically as soon as they are purchased -- from order to installation in minutes.
  • Transparent ordering: For easy reference, all purchases made on the platform are combined into one bill.
  • Professional support: A dedicated HGC team follows up on sales and provides technical support via a hotline.

Ms Rainbow Wong, Vice President, Corporate Business of HGC said, "In recent years, HGC has transformed from a traditional telecommunications company into a multifunctional ICT service provider. We are now launching HGC Marketplace, designed for corporate customers, which combines advanced cloud technology with our competitive advantages to provide quality ICT solutions in a more flexible and speedier manner. We hope our corporate customers can benefit further from digital transformation and the business opportunities it brings."

Mr Edward Jim, Vice President, Enterprise Market of HGC said, "Going forward, more and more ICT products will be available at HGC Marketplace to fulfil the needs of corporations of all sizes. With HGC Marketplace, corporations can find the solutions most suitable for their business goals and enhance their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness."

Find out more about registering with HGC Marketplace by calling 1220 or emailing Registered customers can log in to and explore the latest solutions on HGC Marketplace.

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