Japan's #1 Exfoliator, Natural Aqua Gel Cure, Wins World Branding Award

Toyo Life Service Co. Ltd.
2019-11-19 03:28 863

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Toyo Life Service Co. Ltd., the makers of Japan's #1 facial exfoliator Natural Aqua Gel Cure, is the recent recipient of the 2019 "Brand of the Year Award" in the Health and Beauty Category at the World Branding Awards. This is the 3rd consecutive year the brand has received this prestigious award. The event was held at Kensington Palace in London, England on November 14, 2019. Koji Kamoda, CEO of Toyo Life Service International Inc. was on hand to receive the award.

Winners were selected through a unique judging process conducted in three parts – brand valuation taking 30% of the vote while 30% for the public ballot and 40% for consumer market research. Next, the World Brand Forum conducts a financial valuation based on an income approach model and calculates a market research score for each of the award nominees.

To date, Natural Aqua Gel Cure maintains a 4.2 out of 5 stars and over 2,400 customer ratings on Amazon. As the #1 exfoliator in Japan, it sells 1 bottle every 4.5 seconds! It is also sold in over 22 countries worldwide. Cure's status as a cult hit and Japanese beauty product legend stems from the simple fact that Cure does what it promises: exfoliate gently and effectively, without harsh chemicals.

The immense success of Natural Aqua Gel Cure stems from a unique corporate policy. If asked what "work" means to the company, their answer would be to bring a smile to each customer's face. And to make this happen, they always consider others first and cherish creating a working environment in which they can make each other happy. "We believe that it's only by having a smile on our own faces that we are able to bring a smile to others."

According to CEO Koji Kamoda, "We are honored to once again be the recipient of the World Branding Awards. My company has worked tirelessly to create, market and produce skin care products with the most advanced technology and finest ingredients."

About Toyo Life Service International, Inc.

Toyo Life Service International, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Toyo Life Service Co., Ltd., a Japanese company that manufactures high end skin care products providing comfort, recovery and results with each product. Current brands include: Natural Aqua Gel Cure, Cure Water Treatment and Cure Bathtime. The company has successfully built #1 selling brands, winning countless awards in the cosmetic industry. They are sold in over 22 countries around the world.

About the World Branding Awards

The World Branding Awards is the premier awards event from the World Branding Forum. The Awards recognize the achievements of some of the best brands in the world. Winners are selected based on brand valuation, market research, and online public voting. For more information, visit

Source: Toyo Life Service Co. Ltd.
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