Jiuye SCM Presents Fruit Ripening and Shipping Expertise at IFEX Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jiuye Supply Chain Management ("Jiuye SCM" or "the Company"), China's leading cold chain service provider, showcased its fruit ripening and shipping expertise at the IFEX Philippines, a major export-oriented food show and platform for buyers and grocers in Asia, held from May 24 to 26 in Manila.

Jiuye SCM Presents Fruit Ripening and Shipping Expertise at IFEX Philippines
Jiuye SCM Presents Fruit Ripening and Shipping Expertise at IFEX Philippines

In February 2019, China further allowed the imports of frozen bananas, frozen pineapples and frozen mangos from the Philippines, marking the first time for the country to allow the importation of frozen pineapples and mangos. The Philippines is a country that heavily relies on the export of food and agricultural products, and China, which sees sizeable fresh produce consumption, is one of its primary target markets.

With years of experience in shipping climacteric fruits, Jiuye SCM is adept at fruit ripening and distribution. The Company can provide strong support for fruit suppliers from the Philippines and further afield to help them expand in China with its mature and well-designed ripening and shipping services.

With Jiuye's dedicated business division specializing in fruit supply chain management, the Company provides fruit suppliers with a professional one-stop service, covering pre-cooling, warehousing, ripening, sorting, packaging, and cold-chain distribution. Jiuye SCM currently operates fruit ripening and shipping businesses in Southeast Asia, Japan and North America.

In 2017, Jiuye SCM opened its fruit ripening center in Shanghai with the latest technology support from a variety of institutions in China and from abroad. In a bid to reduce costs, advance efficiency and ensure food quality, Jiuye SCM has set up 22 fresh produce distribution and storage centers across China with 14 overseas warehouses. The Company can distribute to thousands of retailers nationally to a customer's door with its over 500 routes nationwide, covering 84% of cities in China. Jiuye's business-to-customer delivery service handles as many as 200,000 daily orders, with an annual growth rate of 50%.

"We're delighted to connect with more local farmers in the Philippines, and we believe that we can offer them efficient and effective cold chain shipping solutions for their China businesses," said Cory Guo, Head of Cross-border Division of Jiuye SCM.

"We operate a professional fruit ripening platform, which can efficiently connect the production end and the marketing end to promote the circulation of fruits in the market," said Cory Guo. "To the quality of the fruit, we have developed and established a stable system to ripen the fruits evenly in a controllable manner."

For export-oriented companies, post-harvest pre-cooling and standardized packaging are particularly crucial for the suppliers to obtain an export qualification and to reach the standard quality of exports. For example, frozen fruits have to be stored under -18 degrees C during storage and shipping, according to the requirements of customs. Jiuye industrial warehouses are equipped with multi-temperature zones, ranging from constant, variable, and low for freezing and refrigerating between -60 degrees C to 25 degrees C, allowing safe and efficient storage of products.

About Jiuye SCM

Jiuye Supply Chain Management, founded in 2014, is a leading one-stop cold-chain fresh service platform in China that integrates cutting-edge technology to meet growing consumer demand. Jiuye's Cloud Platform enables all parties in the supply chain to connect in real-time, making visual mobilization and collaboration possible.

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