Jiuye SCM at 2019 SIAL China: Taking the Lead in the Imported Food Boom with 'One-stop' Cold-chain Management System

SHANGHAI, May 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SIAL China 2019, Asia's largest food innovation exhibition, rounded off on 16 May in Shanghai bringing exhibitors and visitors a glimpse of the booming market for imported food and cold-chain logistics services. Jiuye Supply Chain Management ("Jiuye SCM" or "the Company"), China's leading cold-chain service provider, joined the three-day show with its signature "one-stop" cold-chain management system.

Jiuye SCM at 2019 SIAL China: Taking the Lead in the Imported Food Boom with ‘One-stop’ Cold-chain Management System
Jiuye SCM at 2019 SIAL China: Taking the Lead in the Imported Food Boom with ‘One-stop’ Cold-chain Management System

According to data from iResearch, in the past decade, the market scale of imported food in China has multiplied at a compound annual rate of 17.7%. Food and beverages from international suppliers are now frequently seen on the dinner table; consumption cost accounts for over 10% among half of the surveyed consumers.

More than 4,300 exhibitors from around the world joined the expo, a great many of which are distributors or agents for imported food and beverage products. Remote farming and producing areas in China were also given a boost, with their dedicated speciality section; often described as the crown jewels of the local economy and a favourite for consumers in major cities. For fresh and frozen products of various categories among both imported and domestic speciality product, a well-developed and managed logistics and supply chain remain essential.

Jiuye SCM provides global fresh products companies with services including cold-chain warehousing, transportation, home delivery and digital management system. As a bellwether company providing solutions for fresh and frozen food supply, the company has developed into the first domestic B2C Cold-chain warehousing service provider and the first local fourth party cold-chain logistics company in China.

Guo Jingqi, VP of sales at the cross-border department in Jiuye SCM, elaborated on the company's advantages and innovative breakthroughs during an interview with media at the 2019 SIAL China. "Jiuye SCM takes care of fresh produce from the field to your door through a dedicated digital management process. The "one-stop" service  includes collecting produce, cold-chain transportation, cold-chain warehousing and delivery," said Guo. "Jiuye SCM has stepped up efforts in enhancing our facilities, technology and innovation to "keep cool" in every detail and create the best service for clients and consumers," he added.

Jiuye SCM's B2B shipping platform is powered by its 30 "cloud warehouses", complete with a transportation monitoring system which utilises GPS and temperature sensing technologies to achieve traceability and temperature visualization for smart cold storage and delivery. With its managed online network, a fleet of 2,000 vehicles and more than 1,500 established routes, Jiuye can distribute to thousands of retailers nationally within optimal time to a customer's door in 24 hours across on 502 routes nationwide.

About Jiuye SCM

Jiuye Supply Chain Management, founded in 2014, is a leading one-stop cold-chain fresh service platform in China that integrates cutting-edge technology to meet growing consumer demand. Jiuye's Cloud Platform enables all parties in the supply chain to connect in real-time, making visual mobilization and collaboration possible.

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