Kaddra expands in the UK and France to provide unparalleled retargeting abilities for retailers.

2022-05-19 15:00 1423

With its unique marketing solution, Kaddra helps retailers retarget their customers with unprecedented results.

LONDON, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaddra announced today it has started implementing its digital retargeting solution to clients in the UK and France and is starting its new expansion phase in Europe. From groceries or bedding to essential oils, the solution helps online retailers overcome the issue of retargeting, which has been one of their biggest challenges.

Behind the US, the United Kingdom is the second-highest average revenue per online shopper at US$ 1,629, followed by France in 4th place at US$ 1,228. Both countries are leading Europe's retail digitalisation with 9.4% and 16% growth in eCommerce sales in 2021. However, many retailers still find it challenging to engage and retain their customers and spend more each year on digital marketing to maintain their growth.

"Since Covid, many retailers have jumped into eCommerce and have been facing challenges finding the right people and expertise to run their online marketing. Kaddra's automated solution is the perfect answer to these issues as it does most of the work for the retailer," explained Quentin Chiarugi, Founder and CEO of Kaddra.

The constant evolution of customer behaviour makes conventional marketing methods quickly obsolete. New marketing tools are necessary to reach shoppers on their watches, phones, cars, tablets or home voice assistants.

"Our solution is ideal for providing pro-like retargeting on any device used by shoppers. Our goal is to equip as many online stores as possible with our retargeting engine, so retailers can have a fighting chance to succeed in the digital race even if they don't have large budgets or marketing experts," added Chiarugi.

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