Kaisa Finance & Technology Center Topped out

Hitachi Provides All Escalator Products and Services

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 12, the Kaisa Finance & Technology Center has topped out. Hitachi will provide all of the project's 46 escalator products and services, including 12 super high-speed elevators (5m/s~8m/s).

The newly roofed core tube of the Kaisa Finance & Technology Center
The newly roofed core tube of the Kaisa Finance & Technology Center

The Kaisa Finance & Technology Center is located at the crossroad of the Shennan Boulevard and Shangbu Road in Futian District, Shenzhen. It is innovatively designed to become an urban vertical landmark that integrates super Grade A business, a business center, a shared conference center, a staff canteen, a sky garden and a sky lobby, and has obtained such qualifications as the WELL Pre-Qualification, the LEED Gold Pre-Qualification, and the National Green Building Three-Star Certification. Planned to be put into use in early 2022, the building is about 258m high, and counts 50 floors above the ground and 4 floors underground. Total building area is about 130,000m2.

Design sketch of the Kaisa Finance & Technology Center
Design sketch of the Kaisa Finance & Technology Center

The 1-4 division elevators in this project are DFRS-equipped (Destination Floor Reservation System), so that they incorporate elevator operation data, personnel movement data, building equipment data and building layout data to realize efficient real-time intelligent elevator dispatching for the high-rise building.

All escalator products will be equipped with the Hitachi ELECLOUD® system to monitor the elevators 24 hours and carry out more than 600 elevator AI pre-diagnostic items, which will be able to monitor well over 90% of faults to effectively improve maintenance efficiency and ensure the safe operation of elevators in the building.

Hitachi has been cooperating with the Kaisa Group for more than two decades. From 2000 until now, more than 9,000 elevators have been contracted at a cost of over RMB 2 billion. In August 2020, the Parties signed a new strategic agreement. In the future, they will make positive contribution to China's urban development relying on their respective business strengths.

Source: Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.