Laiyifen and 4Paradigm announced to establish strategic cooperation to create a new model of smart retail

2021-06-18 12:17 1029

BEIJING, June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, ShangHai Laiyifen Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Laiyifen") and 4Paradigm (Beijing) Technology Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "4Paradigm") held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the ShangHai Laiyifen headquarters. The two parties will rely on the enterprise-level AI operating system AIOS released by the 4Paradigm, the online intelligent operation system TianShu, the AI computing platform Sage and other comprehensive AI capabilities to realize the intelligent upgrade of multiple business scenarios such as supply chain management, online operations, and site selections.

Laiyifen is a pioneer in China's snack food chain industry, with more than 2,800 stores and 30 million members nationwide. Since 2017, Laiyifen has fully accelerated its online and offline multichannel transformation layout. Currently, Laiyifen APP, Tmall,, Suning and other platforms have cooperated, covered store retailing, home delivery, and 1-hour express delivery and community group buying and other multiple consumption scenarios, and gave birth to characteristic business models such as community complexes, which conform to the development trend of new retail and meet the individual needs of customer groups.

At the beginning of the meeting, ShiYonglei, The Chairman of Laiyifen, took the lead in giving a speech. The chairman Mr. Shi said: In the past few years, LaiYifen has taken the lead in completing the informational layout. In order to face today's multi-scenario, diversified, and personalized consumer demand, we believe that the retail will definitely change from traffic thinking to precise thinking in the future, from how many people enter the store today to who enters the store today. The logic behind this, that the AI is the key to achieving consumer precision operations. Therefore, we need a more powerful technology platform to support Laiyifen's intelligent transformation strategy for all online and offline scenarios.The AI platform of 4Paradigm is highly compatible with our strategic goals. Today 4Paradigm empowers us with all the latest AI technologies such as algorithms and computing power. In the future, both of us will jointly innovate business scenarios and business models to create smart retail. To be the benchmark for smart retail industry.

Based on this collaboration between the two sides, 4Paradigm founder and CEO DaiWenyuan displayed: Laiyifen is a highly technologically forward-looking retail enterprise. On the way of intelligent transformation, insisting on being the creator of overall value, rather than the exporter of segment value. It means that its understanding of intelligence is not just an attempt in one or two scenarios, but a process of rebuilding corporate value--Including upgrading from commodity operations to consumer operations, and revitalizing the supply chain system that has been experienced in the market for more than 20 years into a smart supply chain with both efficiency and agility.It is a great honor that 4Paradigm can become an important partner on the way to the overall intelligent transformation of Laiyifen, from the top-level design to the implementation of the business scenarios to carry out comprehensive cooperation, witnessing the commercial innovation of China's top retail giants in the AI era.

As far as we concerned, that the cooperation between the two parties will help LaiYifen to complete the global data connection and online operations through the help of 4Paradigm enterprise-level AI platform and computing power, as well as the experience in the Internet field, to achieve precise services; Meanwhile, to restructure the supply chain system to maximize efficiency. Taking online operations as an example, 4Paradigm TianShu platform will be used to realize intelligent recommendation of "thousands of people with thousands of faces", as well as to accurate identification of high-value users, and improve online user retention and conversion. In terms of supply chain, the smart supply chain system is used to achieve refined management of commodities, improve the timeliness and accuracy of store replenishment and purchase orders, reduce inventory pressure, and revitalize corporate cash flow. In addition, the two parties are also cooperating in store location selection, and AI-based analysis of multi-dimensional data is refined to the intelligent location of each community store, greatly improving the success rate of store opening.

LaiYifen is one of the earliest brands to start informational management in the snack food industry. In the future, the two parties will continue to deepen their exploration around the construction of an multichannel integrated AI platform, jointly promote the effective integration of AI and retail business, and jointly create a model for a new form of smart retail industry.


Contacts: April Zhao

Source: 4Paradigm